I think I will get pleasantly drunk tonight.

Its Tuesday. I have no work tomorrow. And I have half a bottle of black velvet and enough mix for several whiskey sours.

Whos with me?

I’m with you. I’m on my second martini.

I’ve got a few beers here and I’m also off tomorrow. Excellent basketball on the big screen. All is good.

Pleasantly drunk, and at your service.

Um…hold on, I didn’t intend for that to sound so slutty.

I’ve got a case of wine I ordered from the intertron (bows down to almighty internet gods) coming tonight. But my wife says I can’t have any until the weekend. :frowning:

I’m with you in spirit at least anyway.

I was drinking during the Washington Capitals hockey game. They won in overtime.

Almost immediately after the game winning goal, a friend of mine (almost the only one of four who know anything about hockey) called me. We talked for about 2 hrs about the game and playoff stats. Good times.

I think I’ll have another drink!