I am utterly and totally smashed

So, I think I have had more to drink than I ever have had before in my life. Tonight I had the three choices of going out drinking with a civilian friend, working with our squadron’s Designated Driver program (the opposite of getting drunk), or going to a friend’s dorm to watch Studio Miyazaki movies with two cute girls and a guy friend.

Honestly, looking back now, I can’t figure out why I didn’t go for watching anime with the cute girls, except I hadn’t spent any time with my drinking buddy in like a month.

In any case, I had six drinks tonight: two beers, an Irish Car Bomb, and three shots of Knob Creek 100 proof whiskey. Almost certainly a bad call, but I seem to have gotten home all right, so mission success for tonight. I’m not sure why I kept ordering Knob Creeks, except that I was drunk enough for it to seem like a good idea, and the bartender girls seemed so happy when I ordered one. I like girls being happy, and this works to my disadvantage when I am drunk. Probably it will ultimately be to blame for me ending up face down in a ditch one day in the future. Time shall tell.

Anyhow, this is my sharing this bit of my drunk/smashed wisdom with the internet. Hope you all had at least as good a weekend as I have had, and I pray that you all got home safely when it was all over.

I did. Was the best man at the wedding of my childhood best friend. Was in charge of the “keep the groom-to-be from being nervous” detail, which meant some morning gaming and light drinking before all the machinery started turning. Did my bit without fucking up and got to see my friend dissolve into tears in the arms of his beloved. Gave a speech that drew laughs. Met a very good friend I haven’t seen in over a year, and plenty of people I don’t see nearly often enough. Drank a lot. Even enjoyed pretending to dance. It was a blast.

Feeling a bit old and lonely today, though. Realized that the oldest other single person at the wedding was fifteen. All my old friends are in long-term relationships and having kids. Getting up there before all those people in my new suit, holding my speech, all would have been a lot better with someone who was watching just me, with love, maybe with pride.

In a week I get a week off from uni. Hooray! I have a bottle of bourbon in my room. One of my mates in planning to buy some vodka.

And if anything, this thread has inspired me. Friday can’t get here soon enough!

Although, not that it’s ever come up, but I doubt I could turn down the chance to watch anime with cute girls. That seems like the convergence of two really great things that seem to rarely cross paths.

In anticipation of my upcoming shoulder surgery, I treated myself to an extended bar session on Friday night. Got home about 4:45am Saturday morning if I recall. However, I took it easy and sipped slowly through the night, and so was in pretty good shape on Saturday. Plus I don’t drive over here anyway; took a cab home.

Hahaha, most of the time after I’ve been drinking, I couldn’t possibly tell you exactly how much I put down. At home, I tend to just drink liquor right from the bottle. This afternoon I had maybe half a fifth of bourbon and also some natural herbal medicine, and I fell asleep about two hours later and woke up at midnight.

Huh. I don’t remember making this post, although I vaguely remember the wondering why I didn’t watch anime.

Woke up to find that my room mate had sent my phone a picture of me passed out and being attacked by my Domo Kun toy (one of my friends wanted to write on my face with marker, but my room mate defended me on the grounds that my shoes were off. Nevermind that I was in my own freaking bed.)

Also, I think this is my first actual hangover since well before I joined the Air Force. Last time I got even a sorta hangover was when I was on Exodus leave and worked my way through two rums and coke and a six-pack of beer at my old room mate’s house on New Years.

So, I am gonna go prepare a hangover remedy of a 24 ounce bottle of water and one of those Camelbak hydration tablets.

Good for you! Drunk post with good grammar and spelling. Classy!

Let this be a lesson to all men. Forget “bros before hos”, and go watch anime with the cuties. :slight_smile:

That’s enough to get you smashed? Damn, I could have that much to drink before breakfast and not even notice.

Yeah, ummm… I could drink that and go to work… 6 drinks? Pffff!!!

Hey, three of those drinks were 100 proof, that’s like 60 more proofs than 40 proof which is what people usually drink :smiley:

Plus, I’m a lightweight, I don’t drink too often.

40 proof? Do most of the people you hang out with drink pre-made mararita mix? 80 proof is the normal standard.

For your own sake Raguleader, never ever visit Ireland. Ever.

Or Australia.

Or the UK.

Or my house, for that matter. I had more booze than that in me by halftime of the 1 o’clock game.

Six drinks? Hell, I spill that much.

Six drinks? I’d drink more than that before school. Elementary school. And then I’d have six more as I flew my Turboprop aircraft to meet my wife, Alyssa Milano, for drinks after school.

Why yes, I’m drunk right now. Why do you ask?

Six drinks is what I perspire after a light lunch.