Drunk and happy!

That is me.
I shouldn’t be… but I am. The right music is playing I guess.

I’m at work tomorrow and the day after. Most people don’t binge drink when they are working the day after, but I am in the habit of doing that lately.
Will I find this thread in a vanity search at work tomorrow and feel shame?

Probably not.
I’m convinced I’m gonna die early, before pension age (I have a pension) but part of my doesn’t give an airborne rodent’s posterior

I just made a really cool power point presentation. Thought you might like to know, so you have one more thing to toast. I’d hate to see you drink without reason. :smiley:

Life is worth living when you make something to feel proud of. I know that feeling well. Enjoy it!

I’m not drunk yet; the party doesn’t start 'till 10:30, and we won’t get there 'till after the store closes at 11. Once we’re outta here, though, it’s no holds barred. I hope The Cute One comes to the party. I always get really horny when I’m drunk. Mmmmm . . . inebriated sex. :smiley:

Alcohol is bad. Last night was Senior Prank, during which the seniors invade everyone else’s 8-10pm classes*, and give you alcohol. Then everyone goes to a party and drinks more. I know for a fact that I consumed an entire mini-bottle of bourbon and one can of Milwaukee’s Best, then about two shots of straight whiskey. Things, thankfully, get fuzzy at that point (as I am, quite literally, a lightweight), but I know that there was half a can of Guinness at some point, another half can of something, and about half of a glass of Coke and Rum. At that point, a very charitable friend decided I was way past drunk (true), and helped me back to my room, where I proceeded to pass out on my bed. I woke up at 6 AM (frickin’ sun), stumbled down the hall to the bathroom, and passed out again until about noon.

The fact that I can’t even remember what I drank makes it so very not worth it.

*yes, everyone’s in class at the same time; it’s a wierd school (heya, Rilchiam!)



No, no. Alcohol is good. In moderation. And while listenign to the Age of Aquarious. I am also drunk and happy. Interestingly, I get drunk on 1.5 glasses of wine now due to gastric bypass surgery which re-vamped my alcohol absorption mechanism.
Ooooooo…won’t you marry me bill. Are any of you named Bill?

Second drunken Lobsang posting of the month.

He’s getting rusty.

[Dean Vernon Wormer] Drunk and happy is no way to go through life son… aww who am I kidding? (sound of beer being opened) [/DVW]


If you blur your eyes, Lobsang’s OP resembles a jolly overweight man with outstretched arms.

Tonight I have consumed sake (at dinner) , a couple black russians (at our friend’s house after dinner), and a couple-three (that’s a Wisconsinism) beers. I am drunk and happy too. I think I’ll go chase my wife until she catches me.

Cheers to my drunk and happy friends around the globe!

Drunk, happy and on the Isle of Man.

Wow…wish I were there…sounds like the best Gay bar on earth.

Oh my…chase your wife until she catches you. If ONLY I had such an arrangment. Do you have a brother?

Hahaha, sorry CCACW, I don’t have a brother.

So Lobsang, how’s yer head today?

Funny you should bring up homosexuality. I’m told that until a few years ago it was illegal to be gay on the Isle of Man. I’m also told that an unusually high percentage of it’s residents are Gay.

But the same sorts of people tell me the moon landing was fake.
August West my head is the same shape as yesterday which is all that really matters.