I'm drunk...and that makes me happy.

I’m feeling really good about now. I’ve downed a six-pack of Corona longnecks (yes, with a lime) in the last two hours or so and it’s got me really damn happy. Alcohol is so much better when you drink it once or twice a month! Boo-ya! Anyway, I’ll probably get yelled at for such a trite and meaningless post. Screw it. I’m drunk and I don’t care! Besides, I’m a paying customer now.

Best wished to all you dopers out there. I hope you’re feeling as good as me…alcohol-induced or otherwise.

Huh. I’m drunk, and it’s not making me happy. Of course I wasn’t expecting it to. Really the only reason I’m drunk is because it’s what I usually do on Thursday nights. Fortunately I started drinking before I left home so I didn’t blow too much at the bar on what ultimately is an exercise in pointlessness.

And yet, I wish I had more alcohol…

I wish I could get drunk like I used to. I won’t be able to drink for quite awhile.

Have a beer for me, guys. :smiley:

(and don’t drink and drive! :slight_smile: )