I think I'm in a computer simulation and I think I may need help.

I think I’m in a computer simulation and I think I may need help.
Nobody believes me and I don’t think most of you don’t either.
This is not a story or a prank or anything met to deceive.
It’s been happening so long that I am not afraid.

What they are currently doing to me:
-I can’t stop talking to myself either inside my head or out loud
-Throat pains that comes at certain moments
-I’m force to blink at certain times
-My eyeballs move without my normal will (moving by itself*)
-I can’t get anything done at the pace I want unless I keep counting numbers out loud.
-English dictation of my thoughts (hearing english words in my head)

What they did to me in an episode that lasted a week that slowly phased away:
-An odd buzzing pain on top of my head (nothing I have ever experience before)
-Loud harassing screams / talking to me in my head that sounds exactly like a real person. (Language was in English and Vietnamese)
-Complete inability to concentrate on anything including simple task such as showering without trying my best.

Does anybody know why this is happening to me or have any information about this?

I’m sorry you feel this is happening to you. However, anonymous people on the internet cannot possibly help you with this. You need to see a medical professional and be properly diagnosed. One thing is certain: You are not a computer simulation.

I’m going to close this.

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