I Think 'Invincible' Could Be The Anthem To A Revolution.

I could be alone in thinking this. But I think Pat Benatar’s Invincible could be the prelude to a revolution. I know that is what I thought when I first heard it about 20 years ago. (I had no idea it was from the movie The Legend of Billie Jean. It doesn’t matter anyways, though, because I still haven’t seen the movie.)

Here is the video. And here are the lyrics.

I don’t know why. But for some reason, I am thinking about a revolution in South America, with a really evil fascist dictator. But of course, it need not apply to something as grandiose as a full-scale revolution. It can just apply to the personal struggles you have in your personal life.

What do the rest of you think? And why is this song from that movie, The Legend of Billie Jean? What’s connection (the video, as you can see, is a little vague too)?


BTW, and I am not literally telling anyone here, or anywhere else, to start a revolution obviously. I am just describing what the song seems to say.

And again, I surely am not alone in this regard.

Why was the song written this way? What’s the full story on that? I would really like to know:).

A very . . . 80s revolution.

Billie Jean isn’t a revolutionary; she’s a social bandit (like Robin Hood).