I think it's time to take advantage of my company's vision plan

I’ve decided. Today, I was typing in the names of users of the Computer Aided Engineering software we distribute. Granted, I stayed out way too late last night after Choral Union rehearsal (I knew that today was not going to be mentally demanding), but it was all I could do to get through reading the names off the user list (in a text file on my computer) and input the information into Outlook. The longer I worked on it, the more the list “fuzzed-up.” Actually, besides my eyes, I feel fine today. Even on days where I’ve gotten a decent amount of sleep the night before, I occasionally catch myself squinting at the computer. Also, unless I’m really wide awake, reading a book tends to knock me out. My depth perception has always sucked too, in my opinion. However, I’ve always been able to (still can) read things from a greater distance than most people. I’m making an appointment with an ophthalmologist to answer my questions, but I wouldn’t mind some opinions from the Teeming Millions in the interim about whether these things are normal for someone with 20/20 vision or not, just for curiosity’s sake. One question I do have – is it a better idea to go with an MD or an OD, or does it really make a difference? I should probably take more breaks from the computer, although I do think I take more breaks from it than most people.

If it’s not evident from reading this, I have never worn glasses or contacts in my life.

It sounds like your eyes are drying out. I had the same problem, and my opteometrist helped me out. If you look at something like a computer screen for extended periods of time, you don’t blink regularly and your eyes get tired and dry. He recommended eye lubricants. NOT eye drops. Visine and things along those lines won’t work. I personally prefer Refresh Plus drops. IANAO, but you seem to have the same symptoms(except I do wear glasses), and the drops help me.

You’re younger than me Strainger, it won’t do for you to need reading glasses before I do. I have a theory about your eye problems, you live in Phoenix. The air here is murder on eyeballs with the dryness, pollution, pollen and dust. I save all my eye crust and wad it into a ball. I was going to encase it in lucite for a bolo tie but we’re talking bowling ball now. It really hits me when I try to read in bed at the end of the day when my eyes have had it Hard to keep them open or even focus well. I think I’ll take Aglarond’s advice and try the refresh drops.

BTW the mild bunch is going to the range again this Saturday if you want to come. We’ll be mostly practicing with black powder revolvers but I’ve got something new for you to try.

Oh no! You mean I might have to put drops of liquid into my eyes!? Guess I’ll have to take some lessons from techchick. Thanks for the input; the Refresh Plus drops sound like a definite possibility. Are those available without a prescription?

I’ve picked an optometrist (ophthalmologist? I can never remember who does what) employing the strategy of selecting the one closest to work. Turns out he’s an MD. I really need to bring up the depth perception thing. Does anyone else have difficulty ascertaining the location of traffic lights and headlights at dusk/night? My hesitation to make a left turn because oncoming traffic seemed closer than it actually was has given way to having to stomp the gas pedal in a couple of instances because the oncoming traffic was closer than I initially thought. :eek:

Padeye, the range sounds like fun. You have something new for me to try? Ooh! Ooh! A surprise!

i spend roughly 12 hours a day staring into a cathode ray tube, and i’ve found something that really helps is to not do that. i’ve started using LCD screens al ot more, and the difference is amazing.

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