I think I've written a book or something, and I want an illustrator

I have written a very brief book (like a pamphlet). It consists of nine very short passages each accompanied by a very short poem. (Think koans and commentary. They’re modeled after that). I think (if I can say this) it’s actually kind of good. I think. I am actually thinking of shopping this around. (Nine doesn’t sound like alot, but A. I might write about two or three more, possibly even more, and B. if you’ve got each passage with is accompanying poem on facing pages with good art, you may have an actual book however brief).

I would share the text of it but I do not know how copyright issues work when it comes to sharing things online prior to submission for publication.

Anyway, this is all probably silly and will probably come to nothing but I am curious to know, if I wanted to find an illustrator (for a meditative work with both Christian and Zen-ish overtones) how would I go about finding one?

My suggestion: go to Etsy or Deviant Art or a similar website, find an artist who’s work you like and whose work seems appropriate, and ask them if they’re interested.

Hm, this person says you just submit the text, and if they like it they find the illustrator.

Innerestin’, but they’re talking about story books, which the thing I’m thinking of is not, and I don’t know if that’s relevant.