I think John Mayer is a Doper....affirmations from his recent concert.

I was sad this weenend. I was supposed to be at the Burning Man festival, but had to cancel do to the fact I had to be to work at the end of the week. [students arrived this weekend, my office had to be open]

So my wife got us tickets to John Mayer at the tweeter center in MASS. The concert was amazing. Counting Crows opened for them and he went on around 9:30… After his second or third set, I heard something out of his mouth that made me go, “HUH?? DID HE JUST SAY WHAT I THINK HE SAID?”

My wife knows about the saying, “Hi Opal” from me telling her about these boards.

So when John Mayer finished his second or third set and waved to the crowd and said, “Hi Opal” I nearly fell down off the seat!

So has anyone seen John Mayer and heard this? Is this something he says all the time? Was I hallucinating? Or could it be John Mayer is a doper and he was having a littl fun…
If the latter, “Hey John! Your concert Rocked!!!

I would have been more impressed if he’d said “Gotcha ya!”

If he is a doper I hope that he didn’t read what I said about him.

What did you say? Is there another JM thread around here?

This raises an issue I have thought about often.

Just how would Dopers feel if it turned out that many of us are the celebrities who get dissed and abused as much as they do?

Does anybody know for sure that there are celebrities among us who have had much scorn and abuse heaped on them?

If he pointed his 1920’s style death ray at the crowd then he would be a doper. Doesn’t he know that Hi Opal is out?

Here is the thread. http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=183766&highlight=John+Mayer

I said

“Hi Opal” has left the building. Apparently it’s been picked up by the collective web mind and now floats around the internet.

I did not know that.

I’d think they would either jump on the band wagon or defend themselves, albeit they still wouldn’t let it out that they were the celeb.

John Mayer sucks. You heard it here first!

Sorry, you fail the Meatloaf test by one. A search of [artist] and “worst” gets results for an old band of mine. A search of just [artist] gets more than 25 threads.

I’d have been more impressed if Mayer had said “Now I’m off to heat up a beef, bean and cheese burrito that OG couldn’t extinct without a tug-ahoy”.

Uh, you know, it’s just barely possible that John Mayer knows a woman named Opal and that she happened to be at the concert that night and he just wanted to say “hi!” to her from stage.

Oh you’re just no damn fun!

Well decide if he did after the second or third song. It would only be SDMB-related if it was after the second.

Umm I know we’re in cafe society but, cite? :slight_smile: A boardreader.com, google search, alltheweb search only show coincidental (actually addressing an Opal) or fathom/straightdope/teemingmillions links.

ps- I hope you’re wrong cuz I find it annoying.

Has it? A Google search for the phrase turns up 151 results. Many are SDMB-related pages (e.g. Dopers’ live journals, Fathom forums, etc.) Many of the rest are stories or accounts of conversations in which someone says “Hi Opal.” No non-SDMB pages have “Hi Opal” in a list.

FWIW, here is a cockatoo that can say “Hi Opal.” (Opal is the name of the owner’s other bird.)

sigh I’m the most pathetic person on the planet. I’m reading a John Mayer thread that obviously I was interested in enough to open, and I read that post and thought “What does James Marsters have to do with anything? And is there a thread about him?”

My God, who knew that december was actually George Clooney?!

I think it would be neat if John Mayer was a doper. I think his music is great. Never seen him in concert, but I really enjoyed him when he performed on some live show. Was it the grammys maybe??

Anyway, if you are reading, JM: I think you rock!!

And I would probably leave my husband for you. (just kidding)

haha :wink:

Wouldn’t surprise me if lekatt is Mel Gibson’s dad.

And here I thought maybe people were asked to bring pie.