I think my unborn baby had the hiccups this morning

I’m 33 weeks pregnant. I was feeling frequent, small movements, happening with a frequency that wouldn’t be totally abnormal for hiccups when I get them. Is that what it probably was?

When a fetus gets hiccups, what exactly would I be feeling from it? Is she moving when she hiccups? Or is she making waves in the amniotic fluid, and I’m feeling those?

Yep, probably. It’s apparently pretty common, and I felt it a few times, too. As for exactly what you’re feeling, I don’t know. I’d guess that you’re feeling her move. I’m pretty sure that at 33 weeks, there’s not much room for her to float freely; she’s probably in contact with your uterus at all times.

ETA: What’s somewhat less common, but exponentially more freaky, is when you can feel them practice breathing. She should be doing that any time now.

Wait, they practice breathing? Like, they move the amniotic fluid in and out of their lungs? What does that feel like?

I have been told by ultrasound techs that she is doing this. I haven’t felt it or, if I have, I didn’t know that’s what it was.

Both of my girls used to get the hiccups. My belly jumped and it made me laugh every time. They still get them now that they’re 8 & 9.

We used to call the first one “Captain Ick-am-up” and when we had the second, we promoted her to “Admiral Ick-am-up” so the new one could be Captain.

That used to happen every day, sometimes multiple times a day, when I was pregnant with my son. It happened so often that it got really annoying…and then I would feel guilty for being annoyed at my unborn child. :slight_smile:

The funny thing is, he’s gotten the hiccups often for his entire life, and still does to this day (he’s all growed up.)

If someone is making a count, one out of three of my kids had hiccups before they were born. It’s been more than 35 years, so I don’t remember exactly what it felt like, but I’m sure they were hiccups, it happened several times, and it was really cute.

Yes, they do that, or at least healthy, not-too-stressed, fetuses do. I’ve had a couple of biophysical profiles, and that’s one of the things they look for.

I had the exact same experience with my son. He is still extremely hiccup-prone at 13.

Both my kids were hiccuppers.
It was quite entertaining sitting in boring meetings.

I had the exact same experience while pregnant and he was quite hiccup-y as a very small baby. He’s largely grown out of it now at 14 months.

You know it’s the hiccups because it is so rhythmic and generally in the same location, as opposed to kicks and wriggles which can happen at any time in multiple locations (elbows, feet etc).

Yep, #1 used to get hiccups regularly (and they seemed to be as common once she was born), quite a weird feeling, huh! As an aside, I really believe their personalities are already somewhat formed inside. Both my bubs have been very similar to how they behaved in utero, #2 especially has been very calm and enjoys her food (she was very still inside, except for 10 minutes after I ate anything!)

Yup. #2 got them all the time. Still does!

Cool, huh?

It looks like the hiccupping is pretty common! My first daughter did this; it beat the heck of of when she’d get her head down into my pelvis, her butt on one side of my abdomen, her feet on the other, and S-T-R-E-T-C-H. My co-workers got used to me suddenly gasping and having to grab hold of something a couple of times a day towards the end. The hiccups were just cute.

Fetuses start breathing in amniotic fluid around 12 weeks of gestation. It actually appears to be a necessary step to allow the fetus’s lungs to fully expand and mature. When the amniotic fluid level is low in pregnancy, one of the things that doctors worry about is that the lungs will be underdeveloped and the newborn might not be able to breathe properly.

My little guy (38 weeks) gets the hiccups every so often. It feels to me like very rhythmic, gentle head butting in my lower abdomen. I did not know about the practice breathing, though (although I did know that they swallow amniotic fluid - is that the same thing?)

Been through it plenty of times. Them’s hiccups, all right (as plenty before me have said). Fetal hiccups are so cute. Almost as cute as infant hiccups (when they make that little “peep” noise).

Anne-1st congrats on the impending rugrat! :smiley: Boy or girl?

I read the title as “My unicorn baby has the hiccups” and I thought “O gods that must be painful!” :stuck_out_tongue:

And congrats!!

Girl. Due 8/13.