I'm getting my ass kicked by an embryo! (warning: whiny)

I’ll start by saying, really, overall, I’m very happy. We’ve been trying for another child, and I have no serious complaints like hyperemesis or whatever. But sometimes the cumulative effect of the little stuff gets to be a drag.

Yes, my kid is only the size of a grape, yet it has brought me down like a pack of lions on a sick zebra. I’m SOOOOOO tired during the day - I have to take a two-hour nap every afternoon (though I AM grateful that I have the opportunity to do that!). The really perverse thing, though, is, in the words of the March of Dimes, “During early pregnancy, the same hormone that causes fatigue during the day can also disrupt your sleep cycle at night.” OK, that there is proof there is no loving god, no further arguments needed.

Not to mention the peeing. Even if I didn’t wake up a lot and lie staring at the ceiling for an hour, I’d still be up every two hours whizzing. Oh, and it continues during the day. I was totally astounded that I made it through Harry Potter: OotP (2:18) at the theater.

Then there are the digestive issues. I will get really hungry, really quickly, which then (stupidly) makes me nauseated. So then I have to find something I can gag down so I don’t pass out from low blood sugar. Of course, as soon as I eat enough to satisfy my hunger, I immediately feel overstuffed and get heartburn. And, well, let’s turn to the March of Dimes again: “During pregnancy, hormones relax the muscles in your digestive tract. This slows down your digestion and can cause gas to build up. Gas leads to bloating, burping, passing gas, discomfort, and pain in the belly—especially after a big meal.” Yeah. Also, this digestive relaxation/gas thing leads to alternating constipation and . . . how best to phrase this? Three words: Human air cannon.

Also, you tend to get a stuffy nose in pregnancy, because your tissues are all swelling up with extra fluid. Add in that I’ve stopped my allergy medicine because it’s Class C, so that the dust mites are triggering histamines all over the place, and I’m rarely seen without a tissue in my hand.

Finally, the sore nipples are bad enough by themselves - anything brushing by can cause some serious wincing, but with an older child still nursing, it puts a serious crease in my shorts. At least we are very close to weaning, and the soreness has faded.

I just can’t wait till the second trimester. Past experience indicates that I’ll transform into a cheerful, energetic sex goddess. And we just won’t think about that third trimester yet.

As a non-embryo holder, if like to ask: do you want pickles with your ice cream?

I love this. I think I’ll use it.

Don’t you love it when you’re shaking with hunger, and eating things makes you puke, which is okay if you can keep some of it down? And only puking up half makes you all happy?

When do I get to transform into a cheerful, energetic sex goddess? (15 weeks, still puking most days, and taking naps.)

((((((hugs)))))) there there, dear!

Too bad school isn’t in session, you could give a pep talk as part of a “Scared Celibate” campaign.

um, do twins run in your family? ‘cause personally, I was sick as a dog when pregnant with mine. just sayin’

No no no! You are supposed to be purely happy and glowing about the beautiful gift of life growing inside of you. All the time. Any indication that your pregnancy is less than a transcendental journey is a sure sign that you really don’t love your growing baby enough and are a terrible parent.

Whine away - you are in good company. Although I had easy pregnancies, it’s still weird to be bodily hijacked. The crappiest symptoms (IME) occurred when I wasn’t showing. You get all the sympathy and handy door holding and leeway when you’re as big as a house in the 3rd trimester. No one seems to respect the need for sleep in the first three months.
Or at least my husband didn’t. Particularly when he told me, “Oh, like being pregnant is that hard.” (yes, I’ve mentioned this before, and no, he will never ever live those words down)

Ah, yes…there’s nothing like being hungry and nauseated at the same time! I don’t think there’s any other condition in the world that causes that lovely combination. I couldn’t wait for the first trimester to be over with this last pregnancy, because my first pregnancy was a joy from the 5th month on. But with this one, as soon as the nausea went away, I develped something called SPD, which is where your pelvic muscles become overly-relaxed, and causes it to hurt whenever you try to move. Lovely.

But the baby is 3 month old now, and cute as a button. Makes it all worthwhile. :slight_smile:

Hunker down. Being pregnant isn’t hard!

d&r far far away

According to my dad, the way my mom acted around food while undergoing chemotherapy (for ovarian cancer(she’s fine now)) was very much the way she acted around food when she was pregnant. Now, my mom never threw up while pregnant (did while doing chemo) so her experiences may not be quite yours, but Dad says that she had that same pickiness about food, and Mom says she had some of the same “I really want chili, but if I cook it, by the time it’s done cooking I won’t want to eat it anymore”, etc. feelings that she remembered from being pregnant.

My wife is the same way…woohoo, only five more days!!! :smiley:

That is so interesting…I never heard it described that way before, but always as “I am so nauseated that if I even think about food I will puke all over the place.” Of course, different chemo regimines probably produce different symptoms.

I never actually threw up when pregnant, it was just kind of a low-level nausea all day long (vs. some people who feel very sick in the AM, throw up, and then feel better). So I basically was sick all the time, and hungry all the time. If I tried to eat, the food would make me feel sicker. It really sucked.

Glad your mom is OK now…ovarian cancer is scary.

Now, you just watch yourself there, missy! Seriously, my aunt and uncle are twins, and they have twin cousins, too. Crap. Although, I’ve been thinking I probably don’t want to be pregnant again, but I kind of would like three kids, so I guess that would be the upside.

Solfy, I totally agree about the mistimed sympathy (not that it’s easy being whale-sized either, but anyway). And I realized that people who keep pregnancy a secret till it’s “safe” miss out on any help or sympathy for the crappiest time of symptoms. Me, I’m telling the world, and taking any help offered!

I’m incredibly lucky to a.) have a four year old who still naps for 1-2 hours a day and b.) have a really understanding husband who does tons of housework, and e.g., came home early yesterday to bring me Tylenol, then ran back out to get me a steak and french fries when a craving hit.

But yeah, hungry/nauseated at the same time, and fatigue/insomnia at the same time are really messed up situations, no matter how much help and sympathy you have!

Eureka, I too am glad your mom’s OK - that is one of the scariest illnesses out there; glad to hear about it getting beat.

Mine has moved on from kicking my ass to just kicking. I still have the sinus issues too but overall I love the second trimester! (I am 17 weeks now, smack in the eye of the pregnancy hurricane as I refer to it.) First trimester sucks. Although I can’t complain compared to my sister-in-law, who is a few weeks ahead of me and still puking. Until recently she was taking medication every 2 hours just to stop the non-stop puking. Ugh.

At least the first time around I could sleep as soon as I got home from work. Now with a 3 year old I have to make dinner for him and get him to bed first. For the first few months that was really hard (my husband works second shift.)

Oh, yeah, the sinuses! I snored louder and louder as my pregnancy went on, until my husband was reduced to putting our toddler in our bed with me (she can sleep through anything), and sleeping in her bed himself!

I can relate to this, too…my husband travels a lot during the week, so there were a lot of times my 3-year-old had Cheerios for dinner (she didn’t mind…it’s her favorite food!), and then I would beg her to go to sleep so I could crash (that she DID mind…she hates bedtime! :slight_smile: )

30 week pregnant. My ass has developed is own problems: hemorrhoids!

All of you sinus sufferers, I’m with you. A wet spring gave us some beautiful flowers, and absolute misery for me. Now, we’re having a lot of pollution and ozone due to a heat wave, ugggggggghhhhh!

Also, I’m expanding like the British Empire. Everyday it seems like I’ve gotten larger.

A cute story:

I’m sitting on the couch, trying to get comfortable. Slouching makes me feel smooshed, and sitting up straight isn’t very relaxing. After shifting around, I give my swollen abdomen a push, “Why don’t you give me some room.”

Mouseling: <thud> <thud>

Me: :eek: Ok, its just a coincidence. ::pushes again::

Mouseling: <thud><thud>

Me: OMG! She knows I’m here!

Hey, 30 weeks is right about when you can start playing games like that. I was playing Tag with my daughter well before she was born.

<tap tap> on my wife’s belly…
<THUD THUD> on that same spot, from the inside…
<tap tap> on another spot…
<THUD THUD> on that same spot, from the inside…

The only problem was when I would put my ear against her belly, trying to get a listen as to what was going on inside there. That inevitably ended up with my getting kicked in the side of the head.

Heehee! When the Mouseling is being active, I’ll have to suggest to Mouse_Spouse, “Why don’t you try to listen?” :smiley:

Last night, one of our cats was kneading my belling. He got a return knock! Poor cat looked completely baffled.

The funniest was when my wife would try to sit on the couch eating a sandwich or something. She’d want to rest her plate on her belly, but Shayla would have none of that.


…half a sandwich, all over the floor…

Try shining a flashlight on your belly sometime (don’t do it too often, it seems to actually really agitate them. But once is pretty funny.)

At the end of my last pregnancy I could get him all riled up by tapping or prodding a certain way. Made long work meetings more amusing for me. He would also respond to my husband’s voice.

I always had to remember to hold the coffee grinder away from my belly in the mornings. I startled the heck out of the poor little bugger a couple of times before I figured that out.

I’m 34 weeks today, and my little guy likes to hang out on the right side of my uterus. I think it’s weird – he’s got the whole other half, he could stretch out! But he doesn’t. He hangs out on the right side, facing right, and I can tell because I get kicked faaaaar over on the right. I keep poking the right and then the left: “baby… no baby.”

He also doesn’t like it when I rest something on my belly – or maybe he’s just exploring. But it makes it hard to read sometimes! A few weeks ago, one of our cats climbed up on my lap, wanting to snuggle. Trouble is, my lap is getting smaller! It took her a while to find a comfortable position. When she settled down, the top of her head was resting on my belly. The baby kicked her, and she looked up at me as if to say, “Yes? Can I help you?” Cracked me up.

I noticed hiccups for the first time last week – that was kind of fun. He doesn’t seem to have them very often, though, which is too bad because I find them entertaining. :smiley: