I think the bear in The Revenant might be the best movie monster ever

Violent, visceral, terrifying. Even more than the shark in Jaws. Just a truly excellent scene.

How about thew eighteen wheeler in “Duel”?

Any links to info as to how they did that scene? There was some reference buried in the credits to puppetry, so that may be a clue.

I have to admit I think the OP may be right. The scene was riveting. There was a primal - an instinctive horror, if you will. It touched the ancient part of the brain that still remembers when people were prey. Just incredibly frightening.

I haven’t seen the movie but was wondering for those who have if it made you think of Timothy Treadwell’s unfortunate end?

Yes it did.

I’m Australian and I find it a bit funny that Americans seem to think Australia has nasty wildlife when we don’t have anything as scary as bears. Those things kill more people than the whole of Australia’s biota put together.

Ye-es … but bears don’t tend to lurk in one’s shoes, or under the toilet seat. That’s the difference.

It immediately had the same thing going for it as the xenomorphs in Aliens: his only chance of success was identifying it first, and making effective use of his firepower against it. He did not succeed, and the consequences were awful. Twice!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much tension packed into such a short scene. It’s a monster movie in under 5 minutes.