I think Tom Petty (RIP) is overrated

Maybe someday if you can title it civilly and within the rules here.

Did you ever read your own posts and think that you might come across as “needy”?

Is your identity that wrapped up in being the “music” guy on SDMB? This is your desiderata? If you knew everything you thought you did about music it still would come across as a very small ambition.

You get offended when tom petty is disrespected? And prince? Who are you anyway? Big Brother? You’re going to make sure this town is clear for people of good intent who play ball and don’t say the wrong things when you don’t want to hear them?

Yep, that’s me. The Little Music Guy on the SDMB. Protector of rockstars from big bad posters. :dubious:

My argument was this is what people are saying and this is what he has done. They didn’t do it so much here. But I heard it about. You heard me say something else?

People rating him on his popularity doesn’t sound like it makes sense. Why would they do that? It sounds like a circular reasoning. I only want to talk about the music. There is a lot of room for rock stars to get overvalued. It’s not like it’s a rarity or a black swan.

So no one here was making these claims but you want people to argue by proxy for people you maybe heard somewhere else who no one else here was aware of?

Well, ok then! Good luck with that!

I wasn’t soliciting anything.

You need to stop with the scenarios. It’s not working out well.

:dubious: as an actor, at least, I suspect he was underrated.

for me, the simple stuff is so great it wears well.

So you just wanted to whine about Tom Petty. Cool.

Do you know what logrolling is? Just saying.

My feeling about it is that they loved his ability to use a hash of 60s styles to make big hit records. And they were friends.

Why would Bob Dylan not want to be in the wilburys with tom? This has nothing to do with the fact that tom did not bring an A songwriting ability to the table. He was still a great guy to have in the wilburys.

To me Gloria, Sister Ray, and Sugar Sugar are great. But when I go back to the TPHB LPs it just sounds like he was putting one over on us. Hurt 's to say it. Somehow it’s more than simplicity to me. It’s a little calculated.

Do you have somebody else?

And his music is well-known and reasonably well-liked.

I do not understand why you consider it surprising or notable that people would say nice things about Tom Petty in the days immediately following his death.

you are just wrong, that’s all.

Do you think that because his music is “well-known and reasonably well-liked” that I shouldn’t talk about him?

I was talking about college and indie radio broadcasters comments , radio play, and the media, not people I overheard in a club.

Why don’t you go have this conversation with them? No one here can answer for your college and indie radio hosts. I bet they’d love nothing more than to have you call in with your insightful thoughts on the musical value of Tom Petty.

My current rave heroes in 79 were tom petty the cars, the talking heads. I don’t enjoy saying it, but Tom just seemed to burrow into the woodwork into the 80s, and not make the kind of hot shit rock records that he always talked about loving. YMMV

I can recall many times hearing a TP song for the first time and going “here we go”… You just knew how the thing was going to sound in a few seconds. the teases and pastiches just make you think you’re at Woodstock or london or something, in the better ones. It’s not like he didn’t have the chops or the opportunity to compose under the best circumstances. So his mediocrity is notable. He could do whatever the fuck he wanted. And that was the best he could do. That is part of my claim of overrated.

drad dog: what puzzles me is your need to knock him down a notch. Lots of people like Toby Keith, and though he’s not my cup of tea, I can respect why others like him. Tom Petty had a big influence on popular music, whether you like him or not, so I’m not sure exactly what it is you’re criticizing and why.
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You are the author of your conversation dude, remember?

I thought it was a valid discussion up for debate, and was not covered elsewhere. I was doing my part to make it a more interesting place. Why are you here?

Remember that line for the radio host. They’ll be impressed with how profound it is.

What would you be doing if you weren’t here?

You ever think to invite me?