I thought GD was the go to forum for non-Pit politics. Has this changed?

I posted this thread in GD, thinking that it was where issues of politics were to be posted even if no debate was intended. tomndebb moved it to IMHO as no debate was going on. Has the status of GD as the go-to forum for politics changed?

It was never the “go to forum” for any and all political threads, AFAIK. There was always some minimum expectation that threads in GD would offer some fodder for debate; I don’t see it in your thread.

Never mind.

I thought questions about a moderator’s actions were to be posed in ATMB. I posted one and got one non-mod response which flew in the face of what of I could swear I’ve seen stated around here, followed by an omitted post, followed by an anonymous, and to me, inappropriate closing which included no explanation.

I have never been one to criticize the board’s mods, software glitches, personnel or moderating decisions. I simply wanted to know if my belief that GD was the forum for non-Pit political discussions was in error or had been changed.

Is the response I got the type we are to expect when we make a good faith effort to understand and abide by the rules around here?


I’m guessing that thread got locked because the question was answered. Political threads can go anywhere, including MPSIMS if they involve political figures but not a particular issue, or IMHO if it’s a topic related to politics but there isn’t a real debate, for example.

Okay. I guess I was expecting some sort of official word. Thanks for the explanation(s). :slight_smile:

I wish they wouldn’t do that without at least a brief official confirmation. Otherwise it makes the staff (in a general sense not any one in particular) look a bit schizophrenic when they bark about me posting something which appears to be an official position, and then turn around and let a post of mine stand–as the official position. Please, cut that out.


I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that thread was closed by accident. So I’ve merged Starving Artist’s two threads and, obviously, unlocked them.

Your explanation regarding the subject is good enough for me, Marley. I appreciate your willingness to accomodate me by reopening the thread, but if you’d like to close it at this time it would be fine with me. Thanks again.

Okay, who am I to argue? :wink: