I thought I knew better

After 2 1/2 months I finally got my unwanted house guest out of my house. It cost me some money but my piece of mind is worth it. Someone please shoot me if I offer to let a homeless person stay for a few days while their car is being fixed. I feel bad for the lady that rented her a room, she has no idea what she is getting into. I think she is more hard ass than I am so I doubt she will get away with much with her.

Her car was stolen right after she got it out of the repair shop. I didn’t have the heart to put her out in the street. All together I think she got me for about $3,000. One emergency after the other all because of bad choices. Never again.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Oh, dude. You are just too nice. Don’t let anyone else in. If you feel tempted, start a thread first and ask advice from dopers. I think most will tell you how the cow eats cabbage, as it were.

Your heart was in the right place. There are ways to help the homeless without giving up your personal space/safety. Good luck, and don’t let this experience sour you on your generosity.

Was this a stranger or someone you know?

I mean my brother has been with me now for about 8 years, so I know about being a sucker. We’re pushing him out now and in fact will be putting the house on the market soon. He will not be moving with us obviously.

I thought Honeybudgers were tenacious fighters.

Turns out this one is a softie. :wink:

I can understand trying to help someone. I strongly recommended a lady for a housekeeping job at work. This was a full benefits eligible job with medical, life, and retirement plan. A job she could have kept for 20 years.
That was a disaster. Showing up late, and hung over. Sloppy & incomplete work. She was on probation within 2 months and fired after 3. She actually told her supervisor that she used crack. Quite a shock to me. :eek:

My friend in HR still ribs me about that ill-advised recommendation. I don’t plan to help anyone else get a great state job. My reputation at work took a bad hit.

I tend to be a pollyanna, so I have to guard myself against the users. I want to fix everyone, but you just can’t. It’s an impossible way of life and will suck out your soul.

Just curious, why’d you give the recommendation in the first place? Was it a family member / friend? Were you familiar with their work habits?

She cleaned houses and did a good job. She seemed honest. Nothing disappeared. I keep a glass jar for change and it was never raided.

She had a child and needed medical insurance. Getting her a state job would build up a pension for her.

She just couldn’t hack the strict schedule housekeeping maintains. They use timeclocks and give oral warnings for being 15 mins late. They’re tough because most people they hire aren’t professional. It’s not like our office jobs where meeting deadlines is more important than punching in at 8am. I may get to work at 8:45 and go home at 7:30. Whatever it takes to get the job done.

Ahhh, makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.