[I]Threadkiller[/I] definition, please

20 Questions:

Does threadkiller refer more to the reply itself, the poster or more of both?

Is it any more than the last post to a thread prior to its drop off the front pages?

Is it independent of the posters intent?

Does it tend to have a negative connotation?

Has there ever a reply that was so great that everyone who read it was left speechless and thoughtless and no one could ever reply to that reply? Would that be a threadkiller?

(crawls back under his rock)

Hitler! *

  • Goodwin’s Law - As the length of a discussion thread grows, the probability approaches one that a participant will introduce the terms “Hitler” or “Nazi”. The custom has evolved that the first party to utter “Hitler” or “Nazi” has lost the discussion, and the thread terminates.

It’s “Godwin’s Law”, IIRC, and you make it sound like a variant of Mornington Crescent.

As I’ve seen it used, it’s generally used of the poster, not of the post. The tone is slightly deprecatory, but since it’s hardly ever used of anyone other than the one speaking, it’s also ratther jovial. (After all, if anyone else posted to call someone a threadkiller, then he or she wouldn’t be the killer after all, eh?)

And I have seen a few cases where a post was so good that it killed the thread, but I can’t remember specifics. I seem to recall that JillGat might have done so a time or two.