I took a drug test today.

The test itself was no big deal, since I’ve never done drugs and I’ve got good enough aim to keep from peeing all over the place. It’s for a job I start Monday at a factory.

But I couldn’t help notice on the way in that the office where they did the testing was in room 420 of the hospital building. Anybody else think that this is fairly appropriate?

At least you could pee. At times I suffer from “urinalysis paralysis.”

Congrats! Hope you passed your whizz quiz.

I think it is quite humorous! I just learned about 4:20 last year, when someome had it on a t-shirt.

I did a drug test a week ago last friday, also for a job in a factory.

This job, I’m putting products like shampoo on a little moving conveyor thing, where it’s then wrapped and stuck in a box. I also open cases and make boxes. If I was on some sort of drug, about the worst I could do would be to try to attempt hari kiri with a boxcutter.

My last job was working with high and low explosives (1.4, 1.3, and 1.2 G). I didn’t need a drug test for it. If I was under the influence of something, I could quite easily blow a dozen people and a multi-million dollar company off the face of the earth.
I hate that I took the drug test. I joked around at the time. The test was quite simple; I go in the bathroom and acquire twenty ccs of urine, stat. I then give it to the nice lady, who then takes it’s temperature to make sure I didn’t get it out of my pocket, or that if I did, I was smart enough to pre-heat it first. She then pipettes a bit of it onto a plastic tester thing, telling her that I’m not on any of the five drugs it tests for, and that I’m pregnant with twins.

Now I feel bad because I’ve always been against casual violations of huge privacy. As soon as I needed money to appease the student loan demons while unemployment was up, whoosh go my principles out the window.

Damn. When I was going in for it, the biggest thing I was worried about was that it was the type of test where they watch you get the sample, which I wouldn’t do nor be able to do. I didn’t even bother to think about the fact that I was condoning that sort of bullshit.


Oh, and what’s the significance of 420, other than the 42?

4:20 is often associated with marijuana use, I think originally I heard it was the time at which it was ok to “start”

And, um, high explosives huh? Off the face of the earth? What part of Iowa are you in again?

UL has it that 420 is the code policemen use for drug use. There’s even a band called <B>420 in Progress.</B>

I have no idea if that’s true or not. It was told to me as an Urban Legend and I’m far too sick to look it up right now.

Been noshing on any poppy seed bagels lately? Morphine and other opium derivitive false postives are quite possible if you have.

No joke - From Snopes

Claim: The consumption of the poppy seeds used on bagels and muffins can cause positive results on drug screening tests. Status: True.

I did a drug test just the other day.

They still work fine.

I had to take a drug test about 2 years ago for a student trip. It was government-sponsored, and the people in charge wanted to be sure that the bright students were not druggies. As far as I know, everyone of my group passed.

And I like the way they covered the sinks in the bathroom…I had to give the bottle to the person in charge and go out to find a water fountain where I could wash my hands! :eek:

The place I did it at actually had a shut-off switch for water in the bathroom. It cut off the sink and the urinal, so that during the test I couldn’t flush or wash my hands. After I did the test the lady went out, turned the water back on, and I got to wash my hands. Guess I got off easy.

I’ve never had a drug test - why aren’t you allowed to wash yer hands?

:insert barfy smilie here:

The last two places I’ve taken pee tests, they simply instructed me not to wash my hands or flush the toilet or the test would be invalid. There was another sink outside the bathroom which I could use once I was done.

My question is this… Why have the sink there if you are not allowed to use it? It’s like they are mocking you with the sink. HAHAHA YOU ARE GOING PEE AND CAN’T USE IT! GO ON! TRY IT! WE KNOW THAT PEOPLE WHO WASH THEIR HANDS USE DRUGS!

I keep wondering that too…the people in charge also gave me some of those sanitary wet napkins they have at some fast foods…but it was not the same dammit! I need soap and water! So with the soap that was in the napkins and the water fountain I cleaned my hands…until they let us go back to the dorms and use the bathrooms there…at which point I re-washed my hands…

I’m also subject to drug tests. This hasn’t happened to me but what if you have a large amount to purge and your “cup runneth over”? Will the examiner let you flush the toilet and just put more dye in? Why can’t you wash your hands? The examiner can see what you’re doing.

I guess I got off easy on the scale of drug tests. I was supposed to give a specific amount, about a fifth of the little cup. After acquiring that, I ‘purged’ the rest and flushed the toilet. I was in a bathroom with the door closed, and the examiner was outside.

This was a fairly small company whos primary buisness is counseling, though, not drug tests. It was nice to be left a little dignity, though.