I took these photos Swiftly

A set of four
Another one

Hah? Hah? :smiley:

I was driving from the Canadian border to Orange, CA. I got to Cottage Grove, OR and thought I might buy some fuel and get a nosh. Instead of going to the obvious place just off of the freeway, I decided to make a left and see what was down the road. I found a Chevron station and a Taco Bell. You’re not allowed to fill your own tank in Oregon, and after 400 miles in the driver’s seat I needed to stretch my legs. I wandered toward the back of the gas station and there was the chain link fence with airplanes behind it. Apparently the runway is farther back, over the little hill in the background.

One does not “nosh” at Taco Bell. - B.

I pulled over for a nosh. I got Taco Bell. :frowning:

You got gas and gas.

Best Swift I ever saw was at the Palo Alto (CA) airport. It belonged to the owner of the avionics (radio) shop.
What made this on special was the graphics on the tail - Mighty Mouse.

What made it even more remarkable: This predated the Internet. The artwork was all done by hand.

Maybe some newly-minted Billionaire will take a liking to it and put it back into production.

Palo Alto* is “Ground Zero” for “Silicon Valley” - it is next to Stanford.

  • it’s High Schoolers are killing themselves (literally) over the pressure to “Live Up To” that model.

In the late-'70s or early-'80s there was a Swift based at WJF. It was painted grey, and painted in a line below the windows were flags from all the countries it had been too. IIRC, there was something about ‘World Record’ painted on it too.

Didn’t someone here used to own a Swift? GusNSpot, maybe?

I made a Strombecker model of one.

Yeah, I have Owned two
N80743 was a 1946, 85 HP, Ser No # 143 : Had a Beech Roby adjustable prop.

N2420B was a 1949, 145 HP, Ser. No #2550 ( I think ) and the only higher number I have ever seen was on the two seat fore - aft Buckaroos built in the 50’s for trying to get a military contract IIRC.

Then flying down in the Grand Canyon back when you could still do that legally.

Then one of the C-182’s Dad had.

Then a Danish friend and his plane. Can you guess what his plane is?

Here’s one with a 210 hp Continental IO-360, and glass panel.

Very nice.
Up draft cooling sucks rocks.
Old style GC-1A airframe and with that ser # it must be an very early 1B if it is even a B, Cowling is B 125 or 145 version with mods.
Down draft cowls look better and work very much better than this old style. Lots easier maintenance also.

Wish I had silly $$$ so I could play again…Did you see a picture of the panel anywhere?

In the row of thumbnails under the photo, two clicks on the right arrow brings you to the panel.

Thanks, I did not go that far. :smack:

I thought I had put this up someplace but anywho, if not, here are the two Swifts I owned.