The Tackiest Thing I've Ever Seen

I’m sure others could find something tackier, but this just bugged me.

Last weekend Ms. Cups and I went to The Players Championship in Florida (a golf tournament for those who don’t know), and this weekend the Wells Fargo Championship happened here in Charlotte and apparently just down the street from where I live.

I have never been to a pro golf tournament before but I noticed in Florida, and again this weekend, that throughout the entire weekend there were the goddamn propeller planes dragging along ads for Geico, McDonalds, and other assorted crap. This is golf, one of the most high-brow, has-to-be-quiet, high-felutan sports in the world and you’re going to kill its ambiance with airplane banners that you find on the beach?

I feel like Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore “This is golf, people!”

Purple Flamingos

The pink ones are tacky enough, but purple?

Florida pretty much has planes dragging banners from Mar - Nov. Were you near any beaches at all? oh yeah, Golf? Please.

But they were specifically circling the golf tournament that wasn’t on the beach, although I will give you that Florida has them all the time

But how does that explain them in Charlotte? We have no beaches for 2 hours, hell we barely have a lake, and even that is almost an hour and a half away

At a fair a few years ago with my wife. Saw a guy walking around. Don’t remember if he was with a woman at the time, but he was wearing this shirt which in very prominent letters, said: “I may not be Mr. Right but I’ll f*ck you until he comes along”. Can’t fault the guy for being up-front and honest, I guess. :rolleyes:

Second place: in a Costco® a few years ago I saw a man pushing a cart around. I believe he was with a woman and maybe a kid or two. In his cart were mostly (if not exclusively) alcoholic beverages. The shirt he was wearing proclaimed: “No fcking tequila, no fcking work”. Seemed to me that he was prepared to bring his own supply in case his employers didn’t believe his “pledge.”

I suppose this may be taken the wrong way, but I think the tacky thing is thinking golf is somehow above commercialization. Its a game like any other. If it were played in an arena, you’d have banners along the side of the field or ads on jerseys

Jason Mewes, of Jay and Silent Bob, of the Kevin Smith movies, was seen a while back in public wearing a tshirt that said “I want to **** your face.”

Oh, he was with his very pregnant wife who has since given birth.

This guy has reproduced.

Story with NSFW pic of said tshirt.

Could be worse, they could be making a Mall Rats sequel. What? Oh <bleep>.

I’d much rather be flying than golfing.

You should feel for the poor guys hauling those banners around. They’re often/usually/basically working for the time in a low-paying, usually seasonal, job.

I went to an upscale restaurant a few years ago. Food, ambiance, service, and even the bathrooms, were all first-rate.

After the meal, the server brought the check, along with a pen to sign the credit card slip.

The pen (vivid yellow, and about a half-inch thick) said in big black letters something along the lines of **BOB’S BAIL BONDS, 24 HOUR SERVICE! WHEN YOU’RE IN TROUBLE, CALL US! **

It’s not like the organizers of the golf tourney are selling adds to be flown over the venue. They don’t control the airspace. Companies selling banner advertising are taking advantage of the crowds being in the gallery at the tourney and promoting to an audience.

We haven’t discounted the possibility that the planes aren’t simply following you around.

Did any of the banners contain your name for instance?

I’m going with saggy pants. That ranks among the tackiest things ever.

I’m going to vote for “In Memory Of…” stickers on rear windows of cars. Is there a tackier way to memorialize a loved one?? Even if the dearly departed loved that particular car, just no.


You know what’s tacky? Calling golf a sport.
Many people either drive the course, or if they walk, have someone carry their equipment for them. How many octogenarian basketball players or runners do you see? What other sport do they have a skimpily clad woman driving around to deliver beers to the participants? Because alcohol is well known to improve your ability. :rolleyes:

Ballroom dancing is a tough physical workout, but you don’t see those competitions being reported in the sports pages, do you?

Good point.

Poker? (Hey, if it’s good enough for ESPN.)

I saw something once I soooo badly wanted and the wife wouldn’t let me get it. It was an actual stuff little alligator (say 2 foot) that has been turned into a lamp and was standing there wearing a grass skirt, hat and playing a uke ------- with a clock in its belly. It was just so wrong on so many levels that my desire to own was in overdrive.

I should have married better.

If the post wasn’t “The House On The Rock” you haven’t seen the tackiest thing.

You sir, haven’t seen that godawful house in Milwaukee. The city said ‘hey, paint your house’ so he painted it purple, then he kept adding flowers to it. Flowers on the walls, flowers on the fence, flowers painted right over the windows. IIRC, when he moved out, the city razed it.

Haven’t any of you ever seen Design Toscano?