This picture is worth a thousand four letter words.


I’m speechless, thats one of the funniest things I’ve seen in some time now.

The Porn Girls’ Association!


So a blonde chick wearing a Cheerios hat?
(I get the feeling I’m missing something here.)

Look closely at the trophy she’s kissing.

Yes, your ability to analyze has proven to be fallible.

(Think phonetically)

What? No hole-in-one jokes?

Geez, that pictures sure making the rounds. It even showed up on a cycling message board. I had to look at it twice to “get it”…

What a terribly . . . unfortunate picture.

My ghod, that’s funny. In a “I really feel bad for her” way, of course.

She won by how many strokes?

“Next time, I get the double-ended.”

Everyone on the internet has seen that picture 1000 times by now.

Not I! LOL!

LOL, Rysdad. That will be the quote I remember for the next millenium!

The first thing that came into my mind was the following:

Graphite clubs: $500
New golf shoes: $120
Kissing the penis shaped trophy you just won: Priceless!

Sad in a way. Her first LPGA victory, and it will forever be associated with the “Kissing the penis shaped trophy pic”. I bet the other ladies on the Tour are giving her shit.

I bet she is mortified. And yes I laughed, you despicable heathens! :slight_smile:

Holy fucking shit.

I larfed.

Oh, I get it! It looks like she’s kissing a dildo! Hahahaha! That IS funny.

I thought I’d never say it, but golf is Sexy!

Hmm… I wonder what she did with it when she got home.

(Someone had to say it… and dammit, I’m glad it was me.)