Who Designed this Trophy, and what were they thinking????


Point your face away from your monitor before you click to avoid soda spray-age.

I thought the thread “Unintentional Porn” was about this link…


It took me awhile to realize the thing on top is a golf ball, but as for the shaft…er…I mean the other part, who knows?

THAT is a hoot!!!




throws hands up

I give up!

Oh yeah baby, you golf sooooo good. Oh yeah, just like that.

Coworker X sent that to a few of us this morning. Coworker Y replied back, saying “I don’t get it.”

“It’s phallic, Jon.”


Oh, my.

What size batteries does that thing take? :eek:

Thanks for the chuckle. :slight_smile:

Worst. Sports. Trophy. EVER.

Or Best. I guess it depends on your perspective.

Well, it is a trophy for the Lesbian Professional Golf Association…

i am amazed that she is pictured kissing the trophy.

i am not a fan of trophy kissing, i think it is a bit strange. in this case it is really, really, strange.

…so where do the straps go?

It doesn’t look quite so bad in profile, though.

Or it looks more painful…

[PA announcer] This year’s winner of the Crystal Weenie Award…[/PA announcer]

Too funny, Wonko. Especially the way she’s holding it and kissing it.

[sub](Bet she sleeps with it in her bed, too.)[/sub]

Soooo…how many strokes did she win by?

Am I the only one who read “Longs Drugs Challenge” as Long Dongs Challenge?

…something about the power of context…


How can I get one?

I dunno, but I hear her expertise with the long 1-Wood saved her at least a few strokes.

Maybe I should take up golf after all . . .