Who Designed this Trophy, and what were they thinking????


I found a link to Yahoo’s most emailed photos and stories for the last 5 min, 15 min, 1 hour, 6 hours, etc. Guess what leads all time categories?


:o my fiancee (meeting my very conservative parents for the first time) said to my dad (the big golf fan) “doesn’t the L in LPGA stand for lesbian?” :wally I thoght both my parents were going to pass out. they both took it suprisingly well. maybe a hint that i shoud disclose my seedy past to them?:smiley:

Yes, I hear it’s a good way to get ahead.

Well, thats a picture she’ll save for the grandkids.

Actually, this all reminds me of a golf joke:

A young lady is taking golf lessons, and the pro tells her,

“All right, Ms. Jones, to improve your swing, we’re going to work on your grip. Now, forgive me for being a little indelicate, but when you tee off, you should be gripping the club in the same way that you would grip an erect penis. Give it a try.”

Well, the woman takes his advice and drives the ball about 275 yards, straight as an arrow down the fairway.

The pro watches all this and says,

“Excellent shot, Ms. Jones. Let’s try it again, only this time, I want you to take the club out of your mouth.”


If you don’t know I am certainly not going to tell you.

Wow, this is like the 4th or 5th thread on this topic! lol

Was it wrong of me to make that picture my wallpaper?

You must read the after interview to find out the name of her Golf Coach for an extra laugh.


Absolutely unbelievable. I know what the guys on the radio morning shows are going to be talking about tomorrow… :smiley:

Don’t tell John Ashcroft about that trophy.

I can’t find any interview. What’s the coach’s name?

Damn when I ordered my crystal dildo they never offered to supersize it for me. Now who do I talk to about this? Shouldn’t I get some free lube or something?

The AP story in ESPN doesn’t mention a coach’s name.

Someone asked in one of the other threads, so here’s the non-porno view of the trophy.

Um, Brynda, you are not alone. :o

Made more sense to me that way. :wink: