I totally creeped myself out today.

I arrived home from school a little while ago, dropping my bag outside my room and wiggling the mouse for the computer to boot up. As I was slipping off my sneakers, a loud noise was heard from the kichen/dining room area. Puzzled, I start walking down the dim hallway that leads to the kichen when I realized something: I was a teenage girl in a old, quiet house all by myself, dressed in a shortish skirt, buttondown shirt, and tie, investigating a mysterious noise down a long hallway. By the laws of horror movies I had to die. Wielding my only near by weapon, my French book, and starting to get really creeped out, I walk into the kitchen. A brief scan leads to nothing and I see my worried reflection in the window, holding up a neon colored blue French book as a weapon. :o

…I still don’t know what that sound was.

Look Behind You!

At least you’re not Dressed like this Then you’d surely have met an evildoer.

I hope it’s nothing related to the Insane Asylum breakout near Hogwerts or Hagwarts or something like that.

You wear a tie to school? What horror movie manifestation could be worse than having to do that?

Not daily, I just had to today for something in my English class.

As long as a cat didn’t jump out and scare you, causing you to let out a quick shreik, and then sigh of relief because the noise was “just the cat”.

Nothing says “psychopathic killer behind you” like a spring-loaded cat.

How about guinea pigs? Has anyone ever seen a guinea pig in a horror flick?

I’ve always thought someone should make a movie that was just cliche setups without the payoff… the teenage girl in the house, with louder and louder dramatic music, and then she goes to bed and falls asleep and nothing happens. The man and woman who have been bickering, and finally overcome some obstacle together, look deep into each other’s eyes, and bicker some more. The plucky team of lovable losers who make it to the big game, and get stomped. The “awkward” looking girl with glasses, and they take off her glasses and comb her hair out, and GOOD LORD SHE’S UGLY, etc.

I seem to recall a series of skits avalible on the internet. They were nothing but porn movie setups that ended with people behaving normally, not hornily.

B:“Hi, I have your pizza”

G:“Oh, damn, I don’t have any money on me. Can I pay you in some other fashion?”

[spoiler]B: “Sure, we take checks.”

G:“Ok” [/spoiler]

The call came…from inside the house!!! RUN! RUN! :smiley:

Seriously, you need some things LIKE THESE around the house. They work on over-eager boyfriends, too.

Oh, Og, the same thing happens to me all the time, especially at night when I go downstairs to the basement to make sure that the dog is asleep. The basement has this narrow-ish hallway that leads to the den and it creeps me out all the time.

I was home alone until one o’clock in the morning a few weeks ago because my parents were out with my aunt at some karaoke bar. I heard something crash downstairs and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I turned all the lights on, grabbed a pair of scissors AND a knife from the kitchen and went downstairs…turns out a box in the den fell over.

Speaking of what I just put on ebay…

Eep, at one in the morning? I would have called my parents and made them come home early. And where you wearing a revealing nightie while you went to find out what made the noise?

I used to hear breathing. Breathing that was just barely discernable above the background noise, but there. Definately there. And everytime I went to look for it I couldn’t find it. But then I’d sit down at my computer and after a few minutes, there it was again. This went on for years. Then one day I was at my computer but looking in a different direction and the breathing started and I turned just my head and there it was. … My cat snoring. Everytime I had turned to look for the breathing before, she had woken up to watch me look for the sound. That darn cat!

I also have some creep leaving pennies outside my door every few days since Oct 2001. That one I don’t like.

Could children be using your door way for the gambling game called Pitching Pennies?
If so, harmless fun, no more.

No, I live in a secure building with almost no children and none on my floor. And it’s always just one penny.

Ahh, and what infernal eldritch horror caused that cursed box to fall over? Did you examine the basement carefully? Was it…quiet…too quiet! That sound you heard was the wild pounding of your heart! You knew you had but seconds to run! Run! Run for your life! And as the batteries in your flashlight failed, and an appalling blast of thunder shook the building you screamed:

“Feets! Do yo’ stuff!”