I used to like Star Wars....

Wait… Anakin was the result of a virgin birth? Was I too gobsmacked over other idiocy that I missed that?

That is what Anakin’s mother told Neesom’s character in Episode I- that Anakin has no father and she simply became pregnant with him.

Looking in Wikipedia I realized that Owen Lars isn’t really Luke’s uncle. Owen is the son of Anakin’s step father by another wife.

It also doesn’t make sense that Luke’s intense longing to get away from his home planet didn’t cause a disturbance in the Force that Vader could have picked up on. Nor, does it make sense to entrust Luke’s care to someone who apparently has no ability with the Force. It would have made better sense to simply turn Luke over to Kenobi or maybe Kenobi and Yoda together so they could jointly train him and shield him from Vader.

What’s he gonna do, go door-to-door and hand out fliers?

Chances are that in a galaxy with over 1 million inhabited planets, there are more than one or two people named “Skywalker” out there.

Is this explanation from some EU story? Because the real explanation is right there in the original trilogy.

I think Luke’s last name was pretty much the giveaway that he was Vader’s son. I think the presence Vader felt on the first Death Star was Obi Wan’s, not Luke’s.

I don’t think Darth Vader even knew that Padme had twins. When Luke and Vader are fighting on the second Death Star, Vader can read Luke’s thoughts and feelings to find out about Leia.

The prequels are terrible? Hot take! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s universally agreed that these are bad. The Red Letter Media video series is famous for covering this in extensive depth. http://redlettermedia.com/plinkett/star-wars/star-wars-episode-1-the-phantom-menace/

Yeah, but “Skysmith” probably would have been a safer choice.

Right, Vader sensed Obi-Wan when the Falcon first arrived on the Death Star.

As for Luke, Vader sensed that he was strong in the Force when they were in the trenches trying to destroy the first Death Star. I don’t think Vader knew Luke’s name at that time, he just knew the rebels had a pilot who was using the Force.

What else in the movies makes you think this would be possible?

They’re still living on the same farm, under the same names, as when Anakin visited in Ep II. It’s not exactly a huge lift to find them.

Yea, but its someone named Skywalker living with his step-brothers family that’s the same age as Anakin’s kid would be.

Why would he even go there in the first place, though? He has no reason to think his kid is alive, and it’s not like he could just pay the Lars family a social call. It’s a part of his life that’s over and done with, and he probably doesn’t even think about it anymore until the events of ANH.

According to Wookieepedia, the canon in the new EU is that some time after ANH, Vader hired Boba Fett to capture the pilot who’d destroyed the Death Star. He was unsuccessful, but he did report to Vader that his name was Skywalker and he was from Tattooine, and that was the point at which he put the pieces together and realized Palpatine had lied to him about his killing Padme on Mustafar.

Vader finding out is a pretty badass sequence.

So that new EU explanation fits better with the original, untouched ESB. Then Lucas added a line for Vader, something like, “how is that possible?” when the emperor says the pilot who destroyed the death star was the son of Skywalker. As if he didn’t know. Which is really stupid because at the beginning of the movie he proclaims that Skywalker is with the rebels on Hoth. At least, I think that was left in.

Why exactly is it a stupid idea when it was outwardly spoken in Ep3 that C3PO was to get his mindwiped?

And its somewhat referenced in ANH - R2D2 knows about Obi-Wan while C3PO has no idea.

It is suggested that Darth Plagueis may have been responsible for impregnating Shmi Skywalker, but never verified - there is also a theory that Darth Plagueis may be responsible for Rey, as in when Palpatine explains how Plagueis could control life and death that killing Plagueis in his sleep maybe didn’t get rid of him forever (Dark Side force ghost?).

I actually really enjoyed that part. It’s not something simple and black and white that causes the Republic to crumble and arise again as the Empire, but political backbiting and gridlock by people who only cared for their own interests.

The kicker being that the whole thing was being organized by Palpatine - both sides controlled by him like a puppetmaster.

That scene still works alright, I think. Vader knows that the guy who blew up the Death Star is named Skywalker already, as shown in the earlier scene. But he still hasn’t gotten an explanation for how the son that he was told died with his mother, is now out there flying around, blowing up enormous space stations. He’s not shocked to learn that there’s a guy called Skywalker in that scene, he wants to know why his master lied about it, and this is as directly as he dares call him out over it.

Alternatively, with the new comic book canon, he’s faking surprise for his master, who doesn’t know that Vader hired Boba Fett to investigate the identity of the pilot who blew up the DS.

You think “Palpatine” sounds dirty? You never got “Princess Lay Ya’” or “Hand Solo”? Oh, and Padme is very similar to the Hindi name Padma.

Just using the original trio, no EU materials, Vader only figured out Luke was his son when the Emperor tells him at some point about “the son of Skywalker”, which only makes sense if he’s making an allusion to Anakin, and his prior self.

If you want to explore that, read “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye”, an Alan Dean Foster Star Wars book published before Jedi.

You’re not the first to identify this obvious plot confusion created by Lucas’s obsession with closing the loops. The in-universe explanation is that Vader housed a strong hatred for the planet after the murder of his mother, and he had no real connection to Owen Lars, certainly no emotional ties. Plus, he had no reason to think Padme’s child survived, so he didn’t feel the need to go back to Tatooine. Thus, Kenobi decided that might be the safest place, somewhere that he himself had little obvious connection, and that Vader would wilfully avoid.

They both had their memories wiped.

Vader thinks he’s Vader, a Dark Lord of the Sith, the chosen one predicted to “bring balance to the Force”.

Um, the Galactic Republic was supposed to be all the fancy niceties. The Empire was explicitly about stealing power. Oh, I’m sorry, Senator Palpatine’s excuse was the bureaucracy was too stifling and causing the Republic to stagnate, what they needed was a strong executive who could cut through the red tape and get things done.

The Rebellion was about defeating the Empire and restoring the noble status of the Republic.

Now that’s an interesting question. One would think that someone who had a strong innate sense of the Force would have incidents of accidental telekinesis or whatnot that would make him wonder what was up. But it appears that Owen and Beru Lars were overly concerned over Luke’s safety, so they did their best to prevent him ever hearing about the Force and the Jedi and anything that might make him learn more about it.

After the shattering of the Republic and the hunting down of the Jedi, most of them were wiped out at the time of Luke’s birth. By the time of A New Hope, the Jedi are more legend than reality. “Hokey religions” and all that.

Because it’s stupid to have C3PO created by Anakin Skywalker. It makes the Star Wars universe tiny. Plus, Anakin is a slave but apparently still has the ability to not only build a droid from random spare parts, but also build and fly a hover bike thing. Okay, I’ll grant C3PO happens to look like a standard protocol droid because those are the parts that Anakin hunted up and used for the body plan, but why did Anakin name him C3PO? That sounds like a corporate production line identity, not what a 10 year old boy would name his unique, one and only droid friend.

At least we now know why C3PO is so annoying - it’s Vader’s fault.

I’m not going to try to justify it entirely, but…

Anakin, Luke and Rey all share a proclivity for repairing and piloting things. In many cases, they have no real excuse to have learned that ability. Luke is the least exaggerated of the three, but nevertheless, he repairs 'vaporators and droids for his uncle, then bulls-eyes womp rats in his spare time. This qualifies him to jump into a military starfighter and defeat the Death Star? How similar can a T-16 and an X-Wing be?

Anyway, Anakin and Rey are so exaggerated in their abilities that we can’t justify it through normal reasoning. We kind of have to accept that it’s either a Jedi capability or a Skywalker family trait that they can do this stuff. With the ::shudder:: virgin birth and ::shudder:: midichlorians involved, I guess it’s not so far-fetched that they know/do things a normal human wouldn’t.

This is part of the problem with the prequels: it’s hard to tell when it’s ham-fisted filmcraft and when an important point is being made.

It’s really not.

A person’s intense longings can’t affect the Force?

If Vader built 3P0, what guarantee did Vader have that the robot’s mind had been erased at some point in the past so he couldn’t give away any information that the Rebels could have used against Vader? Why not simply pick 3P0 up in the air with the Force and dash him to dust rather than take chances?

I’m not sure that it can, actually, but let’s say yes. There’s over a million inhabited worlds in Star Wars. If one percent of one percent of those sentients are Force sensitive, that’s millions of Force sensitive people out there, each affecting the Force with their longings and desires. Further assuming that Vader could sense such a disturbance from an entirely different star system, how does he figure out that one specific individual among those yearning millions is the son he thought died years ago?