I usually don't approve of obscenities on clothing, but...

I had to give the girl at the gym a high five for the “Fuck Trump” written in large, friendly letters on the back of her short shorts.

She should be careful… he’d probably take it as an offer…

That may, very well, be what she meant.
I was on the lil’wrekkers university campus not too long ago and I saw many young people with Trump attire and MAGA hats. I was alarmed, to say the least.

Was this in Arkansas? I guess that would be expected unfortunately.

I think one is meant to read between the words.

One can buy Trump shorts, but surely the face should be on the rear side?

“Large Friendly Letters”?

Was it written by the Hitchhiker’s Guide people?

She goes to school in Louisiana. Yep, there are a bunch of dummies here in the south. I am amazed at what I see everytime I’m out and about. Very discouraging.

There was definitely a “T” on there was there? Could’ve be a very different message indeed.

I understand the sintiment but I would say No thank you!

Reminds me of what my late colleague told me. Escaping at age 16 from Germany to England in 1939 on the Kindertransport, one of the first things he saw painted on a London building was a large “Fuck Hitler”. He knew what the words meant, but could not understand why someone was wishing a pleasurable act to Hitler.

She’ll need to pay close attention to the “T” not flaking off.
(Oops, ninjered (as we say in the South.))