I wanna talk to Anaximenes

And the only reason I’m reposting it is so everyone can see the - fuck - idiocy doesn’t even beGIN to cover it - hell - read this SHIT for yourselves.

You fucking idiot. You know, if I had a way - I’d explain to you up close and personal what castration is all about darlin.

How in the hell could you have possibly been created by human beings? Are you a fucking science experiment? You can insult women like this? WHO THE FUCK GAVE BIRTH TO YOU, YOU MORON? GUESS THE FUCK WHAT - IT WAS A WOMAN! Yep - a WOMAN!

And you know what’s even funnier? We don’t need and in some cases WANT ignorant, misogynistic fuckwads like you to even have sex with anymore! We can reproduce withOUT you. Like you’re even that good - hell - tell me any woman wouldn’t be thinking about what color to paint the freakin ceiling. Better than “being in the now” with you, huh? And I ain’t even ask if you got a foreskin - that’s just fucking small - literally. Hell - I’ve encountered more intriguing toys at Kay-B-Hobbies! Talk about rolling some eyes…

You? You’re fucking worthless.

And from now on, you can kiss my 38-24-36, 5’7" 115# ASS you motherfucker - cause I’m gonna tell you what - it gets cold in Chicago, but HELL AIN’T FROZEN OVER YET - and that’s what it is going to take before you get any - ever - with THAT shitty, ignorant, hateful opinion.

Smooch, asshole. Yeah - that means kiss my ass.

M2U is pissed - real fucking pissed.

You tell’m, Missy2U.

And who was this for and in reference to?

Aw, you’re only saying that because you have an internal programing error in your processing of Anaximenes’ language.

<ducks as frying pan flies past head>

But what really got me was this:

What do you think the odds are that this guy’s got a motorized inflatable love doll in his closet? Pretty good I’d say.

-Beeblebrox, who would gladly kiss any ass that belongs to a 38-24-36, 5’7" 115# woman.

Lighten up, Missy. There is nothing in that quote that would suggest it is anything more than a tongue in cheek mock explanation. And you can stow your measurements. I’m not impressed, and it makes you sound like you are either overly enamored with yourself, gagging for it, or both.

Link? Linkety link link?

Hard to believe.


Gorgon - that’s (above) what my meltdown is in reference to.

And after reading his comments again, you know, I’m beginning to believe that assholes may fade, but the more I read of this clown’s crap, I believe that fuckwads last forever.

Missy is outta here till tomorrow.

I’m fed the fuck up.

Oh, and Waverly? Bite me. I don’t need any more shit from some asshole who seems to believe his penis is all that. It ain’t buddy, it ain’t.

Trust me.

Last thing - I will go out on a limb here and pretend I believe in the inherent GOOD of my fellow human beings - if Anaximenes was being sarcastic/tongue in cheek/and I just got the hugest WOOSH ever, then I apologize, take back every word, and will buy the guy a drink. Hell, I’ll buy him a bottle. But if he was serious, my comments stand.

Oh and Waverly, they have a little button up top - they labeled it “search” - you could always do a little search on Missy2U and then you tell me how enamored I am of myself. A whopping 980 posts in three fucking years - yep - call ME the attention whore. :rolleyes:

Just checking in to say SNORT that I did not find Animaniacs post at all SNORT funny.



::wipes tear::

[sub]Well, maybe just a little…[/sub]

::dons flame retardant outerwear::

Obviously we (women) were much more intelligent in the first place, otherwise God wouldn’t have felt the need to “tinker” us down.

Hey buddy, you said you made the comment, and she got mad. Instead of her punching first and asking questions later, be glad you got the Mello Yello.

Hmm. I seem to recall God making man first, then woman second. I would say it was a definite improvement. Besides, He hasn’t really come up with anything human-species-wise since then, so I really think we were the expected outcome. You men were just a prototype. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Um, I read Anaximenes’ comments as tongue-in-cheek. If they’re not, I’m right behind you, Missy2U. If they are, though, I’m not sure it’s worth getting riled up about.

Au contraire, sKer. God created trannies and they’re fabulous!



I’m in shock. The fact that you seem to have taken such offense to this JOKE really bothers me. Just so you know, I will say it clearly: That post was supposed to be a JOKE.

If you understood it was a joke and are still insulted, all I can say is that I’m sorry. My hope was that it was so over the top that no one could get through it with out laughing… obviously many didn’t find it as funny as I did when I wrote it. I mean the combination of religion and quasi-science? Please… I’m even an athiest for crying out load! How the bullshit I wrote about could even be possible is… just so far beyond my ability to imagine that the only way I could do it was to bring in a religion that I believe to be complete horse shit.

(I’ll also apologize to all the Christians now. When I was a child I was a christian, I know how important your religion is to you. Please don’t let my opinion of your religion get in the way of your faith.)

Anyway, I clearly stepped over the line there with this joke, and I’m sorry.

I don’t know what to say to your comments about my bedroom skills… Considering that I’m married and I do not have sex outside of longterm monogamous relationships, my own restrictions prohibit me from proving you wrong. That’s to say nothing of the fact that if you ever meet me you are far more likely to fill my face with pepper spray and smash my nuts than to ask me to rock your world. Thus, I am left without a good retort.

So, since this is the pit… I’m sorry my little joke upset you so much, you bitch. :wink:

**Waverly, Ferrous & Sauron: ** Thank you for supporting the new guy.

Ferrous especially. When a comic is being boo-ed off the stage and the crowd is pelting him with beer bottles, it’s important to look for the one guy who is laughing his ass off. I consider my mission accomplished. Thank you.
That is all.

Best. Apology. Ever.

:confused: Since I’m not aware of even once extolling the virtues of my penis on the SDMB, let alone in this thread, am I to assume you have some knowledge of it outside of this board? If you can remember such an encounter, yet I cannot… well you draw your own conclusions about what that would seem to imply.

And now I see that Anaximenes has gotten what he deserved in the first place, a witty retort from Skerri in the same tone as his original joke.

I don’t seem to remember you being such a jerk, Missy, so hopefully you will cool off, sober up, or recover from whatever is ailing you.

Anaximenes, I would have read your post as clearly a joke had you not added this paragraph:

This read to me like you have a chip on your shoulder (especially the “women’s stupidity” line), not like playful satire. So I assumed you were a stark raving lunatic.

That said, nice apology. That was handled with grace and class. :slight_smile:

Now mine, on the other hand …

Waverly, it seems Missy is having a tough time with penises right now, and that has made her act(react) for a joke that comes off rather Chauvinistic(she used the word “mysoginistic”, but I don’t see it like that).

It was a joke and to men, it was obvious, or at least it appears to have been taken in stride by the men.

Chill out Missy.


One penis to rule them all, huh, Sauron? :slight_smile: