I want 5 minutes alone with the asshole who punched my coworkers...

Yesterday some fellow crossing guards of mine got drawn into a road rage incident with a driver. The driver wanted to make a right turn when the crossing guards had stopped traffic. To him, he might have thought he could do it, since many people think that if there are no kids/guard directly in front of their car, what harm can there be to slip through? However, drivers have to stop and remain stopped for the duration that the guard is out in the street with his sign up. This driver did not understand that. He wanted to turn right, the guard told him to stay put. The driver got mad, and got out of the car and punched the crossing guard. When the other guard working there ran over to try to help his partner, the guy gave him an uppercut to boot.

After this scuffle, the driver got back in his vehicle and took off. Last I heard on the news the cops are still looking for the guy. The guard who was initially attacked went catatonic, and he’s still in the hospital. I don’t think he was severely injured physically, but was scared out of his mind. This is absolutely despicable, both these crossing guards are in their sixties and some asshole goes and punches them just because the guard’s wouldn’t let him break the law. They are some of the nicest people I know, and are out there every day protecting the children. A part of me wishes that I could have been there to help, being young and brazen and all.

Just 5 minutes?

The former president of Iraq could give you some pointers about how to deal with this person more effectively. Those methods take considerably longer than 5 minutes but they would be MUCH more gratifying.

He punched a crossing guard?

Just damn. What a lowlife.

Well, of course he was in a hurry—he was on his way to the Kitten-Kicking Festival!

It would be good if such people if caught were shamed by having the details of the offence and their picture printed in the local papers of the area. Ever that or give the person 80 years of community service work as a crossing guard.

Christ, this guy is punching 60-something crossing guards. I hope he is caught.

Sounds like he’s been found.

So they sent the SWAT team after this asshat, good!

If that’s what they consider “huge,” I would’ve loved to be there to tackle this dickhead in the middle of the road and beat him unconscious with his own legs.

Hey–that article says one of the guys was 47 and the other in his fifties. If I were you, I wouldn’t go running up to them telling them you thought they were pushing 70, Incubus. They might end up socking you! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s ‘huge’? It’s big, but not huge.

How much is 220 lbs in stone?

Sounds like he was a fucked up person in general, as the police say he had a criminal history. I hope he gets locked up.

'It was just before 8 a.m. Tuesday when Nunez was allegedly driving erratically on Martin Avenue near August Boeger Middle School."

How do August Boegers differ from September Boegers?

Maybe he was preoccupied in digging for the school mascot.

Google is your friend. (About 15¾, in case you don’t feel like clicking.)

About 15.5 stone.

He was on parole? What a moron. Back to the slammer for him. Someone this stupid should be locked up just on principle.

5’11 , 220 may be huge compared to 47 year old Chieu Nguyen and 56 year old Poan Pho.

Vietnamese guys usually are not physically large.

'Specially if the guy is built like an NFL running back.

“Huge” could mean solid muscle. Heck, the guy’s spent time up the river, where the exercise facilities are top knotch.

Oof. Those poor guards. :frowning: Let us know when they get out of the hospital!

I hope this fucker gets the full sentence for assault. :mad: