I want Dopers to critique the first snip of music from ALW's latest musical

It can be found here: www.womaninwhitethemusical.com/intro.htm

I’m curious as to what people think of it. I love it but I’m hardly unbiased. I hope this one makes it to Broadway.

Well, it certainly is ALW isn’t it? He has such a distinct sound about his work.

I think he’s gone to an interesting source material, and I find it interesting that he is now working with a book and lyric partner. I also think the material has been chosen to fall into the category of what has worked well for him in the past.

I hope it is better to watch than some of his later stuff has been. I never got to see or really hear more than a few cuts from “Whistle Down the Wind” but was very interested in it. I’m interested in this, though ALW has gotten a bit dull with age. Hopefully this project reinvigorated him.

I loved the Steinman effect on Whistle Down the Wind (particularly in the snakehandling scenes and, of course, in the tales of Annie Xmas {so how long is your necklace, Annie?), but generally it was forgettable.

Woman in White sounds like he’s trying to return to the Gothic sound that inspired Phantom and his Requiem. I hope there’s some more uplifiting music in there somewhere. (I’m not familiar with the story, but I doubt it matters since he says “freely adapted”.)

Of course I’m a purist and prefer the Old Testament of ALW- his collaborations with Tim Rice.