I want my sexy fire fighters!

It was a win-win situation. We got sexy, shirtless fire fighters and money was raised for charity.

But now that’s all over. Why? Because one of the fire fighters in this year’s calendar was naked in a Boys Gone Wild video made two years before he joined the FDNY. To paraphrase the Commissioner: it sullies the reputation of NY’s Bravest.

Look Commissioner Scoppetta, if you have a problem with the calender, just say so. Canceling the calender forever because of what one person did before he ever joined the department is really reaching.

That’s what has my panties all in a bunch. It’s a stupid reason to cancel the calender. If the department thinks the calender sullies the reputation of the FDNY, then perhaps the commissioner has a point. But that’s not what they are saying at all. They are saying that the guy in the video, who happens to appear in the calender this year, is sulling the reputation of the department.

The guy (who is all kinds of hot, btw) is not being repremanded or anything. How could he? He appeared in the video two years before he joined the fire department.

Just in case anybody missed this vital point: The fire fighter in question appeared in the video two years before he joined The Fire Department of New York.

So, so long sexy firemen. I’ll miss you.

A niche is open in the publishing world.

How long until it is filled with yet another sweating group of muscled young heroes?

Not long, I bet.


Now I know who monitors socks in the NFL. It’s FDNY Commissioner Scoppetta! Actually, Scoppetta was likely advised on the issue by Michael Powell, who still hasn’t recovered from the Bono and Janet Jackson incidents.

/digs out list of people who need to be smacked with a week dead fish.

/adds FDNY Commissioner Scoppetta.

is FDNY Commissioner Scoppetta in your vol. 3 or 4?

I’ve had to work on a database program to keep track of everyone in my list.

I want sexy fire fighters too but there are none at the other end of your links.

I find it odd that the NYFD was willing to make money off a dead shirtless fire fighter (one of the models for the 2002 calendar was killed on 9/11 IIRC) but not off a live one who got nakeder than the calendar. Well, not so much “odd” as “unbearably stupid.” I hope the next time the chief comes hat in hand for more city money he’s reminded of the $150K he pissed away with this dumb decision.

How in the world does having one of your firefighters get nekkid sully the reputation of firefighters? I thought they already had the reputation of being hot.

I was at a convention in St Louis a week ago and the guy in the hotel room next to mine was a very hot fireman (who looks so good in a pirate costume that it makes Cary Elwes look just ok) who I had the fortune to ‘run into’ numerous times over the weekend.

Ok, so I’m not adding much to the conversation…just wanted to brag. :wink:

What the hell? No more sexy firefighters calendar? That’s just wrong. Do you suppose I could get the sexy firefighters to just send me their pictures directly?

Google “sexy firefighters” . Two bits says if you click on a link, you’re e-mail inbox will fill to bursting.

I weep for humanity.

[sub]or at least for myself[/sub]

But … sexy firefighters was even better than swimsuit issue!!

Yeah, that’ll show those charities!

Can I also add whoever misspelled “brakes” in the headline of the linked article?

I can’t get with that. Not after looking over the OP and wincing. Remember people, spellcheck is your friend.

Okay, that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. Is there gonna be a protest? I’m in.

But in the meantime, here you go…

I’ll take March with a side of January…

Yes, but you are not a friggin’ newspaper editor.

The cover guy is the one that ‘went wild’. All kinds of hot!

I want June. Please.

frantically fans self

Oh, my! Mr. March or Mr. December? Decisions, decisions…what the hell, send 'em both over.