I was in a meeting at work on Friday and apparently an alarm went off and a couple of firefighters came to check it out.

We had been bounced from our original meeting room and were meeting in a break room that had floor to ceiling glass walls. When those firefighters walked by, full gear, ax, oxygen tanks, helmets, boots, all the women in the meeting were quite aflutter (me included) and the men in the meeting made comments that they should come to work dressed as firefighters.

Now, what was funny was that when I got back with my boss to our neck of the building, my co-worker (who didn’t come to this particular meeting) ALSO mentioned the firefighters, and how all the women were playing gopher in their cubes or sticking their heads out of their offices as the firefighters walked by.

It must be the hero complex. They’re in pretty good shape, hauling around all that gear, they show up in dangerous situations, when all that adrenaline is pumping, and they’ll risk life and limb to save yours.

I was a bit shocked at my reaction, but…mmmmm…

Mmmmmmm I know. My honey’s whole demeanor changes when he puts on that uniform.
The bunker gear (that’s the stuff they wear when the go on a call) are the real hero clothes. They smell awful up close, but I think that might be part of the attraction. They smell like DANGER!
I thought I was immune to all that, but a couple months ago, when I hurt my hand, five of them were hovered over me, in my kitchen, for 20 minutes. I was enamored all over again.
The EMTs, that took me to the ER, looked like kids in comparison.

Maybe I’ll go wake him up right now. (he worked yesterday, 24 hours)

The power of that big red truck, the urgency of the klaxon and of course there’s that pole for sliding down… and women find men’s sexual fantasies silly. :smack:

I don’t find them silly per se…just different. Men’s fantasies are more physical, I think. Women’s are more…story-driven?

Hmmmm…I don’t see too many men reading bodice rippers?

Well, I don’t read bodice-rippers, so take that for what it’s worth.

I’d be very surprised to find out anyone at SDMB read bodice rippers. I’m not sure who reads them, maybe early teens?

And, how did we get from yummy (and real) firefighters to fantasy pirates?

The men who belittle our fantasies may have some doubt about their own masculinity. Just sayin’… :smiley:

I’d be more surprised if there weren’t ripper readers here, it is a billion dollar a year business, and that’s just retail sales.

Au contraire! I would never belittle my lover’s fantasies, but rather indulge them. You reap what you sow. :wink:

I’m 33. I read them, but they’re not all I read by a long shot. I’m well rounded person in regards to reading. I read classic fiction, new fiction, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, biographies, history, etc.

Just thought I’d throw that in there.

Just a nitpick. Those aren’t oxygen bottles. They’re air cylinders (we call them ‘bottles’), filled with regular room air, not oxygen. I can change my bottle myself when it’s empty, and as part of the Firefighter 1 practical final, one has to get fully ‘geared up’ in under 2 minutes. That means getting all your turnout gear on, and being ‘on air’ (with your face piece) and ready to go. Not one bit of skin will be showing of you’re properly geared up.

BiblioCat, Volunteer EMT and brand-new Firefighter (Yay me!)

How you doin’? :smiley:

My brother is a firefighter. Last year he conducted testing and interviews for new recruits, “probies” I guess in** Rescue Me ** speak. The first physical test is the beep test and they conducted that at the indoor basketball stadium of the local Institute of Sport. He thought that to give a good impression to the recruits he should get all the fit, young guys to do the testing rather than the jaded middle aged firefighters. Halfway through the session the local professional women’s basketball team came out of the dressing rooms to practice on the adjacent court.

He said it was absolutely hysterical. All the twenty something girls were performing exotic stretching routines trying to catch the eye of the guys, while the twenty something firies were trying to look in control and commanding while perving on the women. He had to keep telling the firefighters to pay attention to the people they were meant to be monitoring. He said it was like being in a wildlife documentary.

Congratulations, I know that must have taken tons of hard work and study!

Nawth Chucka, lowly Certified First Responder

This makes me want to be a volunteer fireman, but I doubt that in southern California there’s any such thing. I guess I’ll have to settle for fantasizing about being ripped and smart…

Remember the anthrax scares a few years back?

I was working as an animal care tech in a private research facility. There was a local “anthrax” letter and our facility agreed to autoclave the powder and give the fire department some extra biohazard training.

About 20 young, very handsome firemen were in the building allllllll day. :smiley:

Err, point. Bibliocat is a girl…

Making a driveby hello to this thread…

I had dangerous duty yesterday: throwing candy from the ladder truck to the kiddies watching the Mayberry lame-o Christmas parade…

Thanks for the clarification, it doesn’t detract a bit, and yay BiblioCat!