I want my sound back! Java problem.

I’m running Win95 and Mozilla 1.0, with Sun’s Java plugin Version 1.4.0_01.

When I play Java games from yahoo.com, the sound effects work fine, but after I quit the game I get no sound from anything else until I quit the browser. In fact, I tried a CD and pretty much froze the PC - the screen was trashed, the music played mixed with a strange wow-wow-wow noise, and the PC wouldn’t respond to anything except the reset button.

After rebooting and trying the game again, I took a look in the Java Console, and found a thread still running, even though the game applet had shut down. (What documentation I could find on the Web seems to say this is normal unless threads are properly closed by the applet that starts them.) The Console doesn’t seem to have any way to kill the thread.

Can anybody tell me if this is a problem with Win95, or with Mozilla, or with the Java plugin? Is there a fix or workaround? I could easily enough download Mozilla 1.1, but Sun says the later Java version is only for Win98 or later. Can Java be unloaded without shutting down Mozilla? Is there a way to get rid of that orphan thread?

In case it might help, here’s the console listing:

Init 2.4
Date Value 1035152477000
(c) 1998-2002 GameHouse, Inc. 
looping silent audio
started render thread
stopped applet
Stop ret
destroy v2.4
destroyed applet
Input thread exiting
Dump thread list ...
Group main,ac=10,agc=0,pri=10
    Main Console Writer,6,alive
    Java Sound event dispatcher,4,alive
    Headspace mixer frame proc thread,10,alive,dameon