I want to be a midwife.

Ok, where do I start? I was laid off from my job just before christmas. For three of the four years there, (my job) I’v also been studying with the open university (at home) I’m just about half way to a degree, but because I was laid off my job I’v had to do some radical thinking about where I’m going career wise. (the job I had was part time working with honey, just a fill in) So, I’v come up with a career I looked into years ago (midwiffery) but didnt persue because my qaulifications were South African and would have to sit an entrance exam ect and thats what spurred me on to study with the OU. Anyway, you need a pass in a science subject (which I have) but also a pass in an english subject (which I dont have) So what I’m asking is, do you think the fact that I’m mature (31) with two kids of my own, who are older (9 and 10) that they would accept me without the english subject? I’m sending off for the application form today (I had to wait for my academic transcript to arrive from the ou) and I know the process is going to take awhile, so thought I would get some opinions from you lovely people in the meantime :smiley:
Any advice or thoughts?

Sounds like you’re having a midwife crisis.

CalMeacham that was really lame, yet amusing.

eirroc Is there any way you could get the English subject?

Cal that made me laugh out loud, ya swine ya. :wink:
Drew I probably could, but intakes are in April and October, and I was hoping to get in this year. I’v thought about doing an english course but to be honest, not working makes us kinda short of money (you get 5 grand a yr while studying midwiffery)

eirroc, you could try asking them if they would accept you into the midwife program on the condition that you took the english subject at the same time (or during the first available semester). Often programs are willing to make allowences like that.

Thanks Pandora I hadent thought of that. I’ll keep that in mind if I get an interview.
I’ll let you guys know how I get on. :slight_smile: