I want to be a troll-hunter - I have a hat!

Can I get some opinions on this?

Normally, I don’t dissect every post looking for an ulterior motive, but this person seems quite self-Righteous, if you know what I mean.

In any case, I’ve got to hand it to the mods. I bet you guys wish you had a nickel for every time this happened:

Mod: Please read the rules regarding where to post. Thanks. Also, it is easier to read your posts if you use paragraphs, capitalization, and periods. This will probably save you a lot of grief.

Poster: YOU BASTARD!!! where do these mods get off they think they rule the world! whatever happened to the first amendment, you overpaid jerk!

I like posting in threads about to be locked. People read your stuff more often.

Oh, but since you asked, I think whimsy is quite funny. Crack babies make the best trolls.

I’ll kiss some ass and save the mods the trouble so they can just close this thread.

They say this all the time:

If you suspect someone is a troll… email them. Do not post it on the message boards.

Thank you

I think trolls are funny though.

I used to have a big collection of trolls. I lined them up onto sides and had wars with them. The prisoners of war were used as slaves by the winners and tortured by hair burnings.

One time during a war between the Misshi clan and the Ovvon clan my cat came in and started stalking my trolls. Ripped the hair thingie strait out of a few and batted around the rest. Upon realizing that they weren’t going to run or scream in terror the cat got bored and went away.

It was funny as hell to see though.

Eh, Aeryn, I think we are semi-officially not “outing” trolls anymore. If you think you’ve spotted one, we are requested to send an e-mail to a mod or admin. It keeps things a little calmer, overall. Some of them, it’s just what they want, to have somebody peer under the bridge at them and shout, “troll!”

So. [shrug] But hey, it’s your life… :smiley: I’ll be happy to stand here and hold your jacket for you, if you want.

Can I ask about a couple people that have been banned? Puh-leeeeeeze? The curiosity is killing me (so to speak). I know it’s none of my business, I just… I just like gossip!

The last thread I saw Serendipity28 post in was his incest thread. Then he was gone without a posted warning from the mods. Was he a sock puppet?

Was GTO1967 really Serlin? Did he put that in his profile or did the mod who banned him? Was Serendipity28 Serlin, too?

I’m just burning with curiosity, but if it’s none of my business, I’ll live with it. Sniff Whimper <big puppy dog eyes>

I went to a lot of trouble to collect a bnch of stuff from ‘wimsysysysys’ and bold it and comment on it and wrap it up in a pretty bow and send it to TUBDIVA. Then, after dinner I come here and see this … this … abomination… :::: sheesh :::::::::: I’ll need three tummy tablets tonight…

DON’T ever do this to me again!!!

:confused:I’m assuming they have phoney email addresses.

Oh, you meant email the mods. Yeah, that would work.

(In best Elmer Fudd voice)
Be vewy quite, I think I see one now!

This may sound foolish . . . I am indeed uninformed, and my resident SDMB decoder isn’t home right now. What does the term ‘troll’ denote?


There’s nothing “semi” about it. It’s now official SDMB policy as noted by Ed Zotti himself in this thread:

We really do appreciate the emails we get warning us about troublemakers and we have squashed many troublemakers early on due to the eagle-eyes of the TM, but please keep it to email.

As such, I’m closing this thread.