I want to buy a coffee grinder

I know to get a burr grinder, but see a big difference in price. What should I look for. Some crush the bean, some cut the bean. I would like to just grind what I need for that day, and really don’t waht to have to clean it out after each grinding.

And suggestions?

Some will call me a heretic, but I have this (non-burr) grinder. I love it, it does a great job. I’ve had mine for years and never had a problem out of it.

We had a fancy burr grinder at work but it seemed to be more trouble than it was worth (YMMV, as always). It would vibrate itself off of the counter and spill beans all over; it was quite messy in general. Since I make the coffee, I sent it packing and went back to my old faithful grinder.

Good luck with your grinder search. :slight_smile:

I really dig the Kitchenaid burr grinder. I don’t have one, but I love the design, and it seems to be a high quality product, though it’s a bit pricey. Apparently, one shouldn’t use flavored beans in it though, gums it up something fierce.

Shoot, I usually get the 15 dollar job at Fred Meyer. I bought one for myself oh, about 6 or 7 years ago and it was still working just great when I donated it to my company before I moved to the states.

Then, when I got here, I got a similar one for even less at walmart. I prefer the ones that finely grind the beans, and they seem to do really well and last forever.

Don’t get this one if you’re looking to grind very fine for espresso. Set at maximum fineness, it was still too coarse to make decent espresso with.

It did look nice though. I was sad to return it. But not very.

What Slainte said. I have the same Braun grinder he/she does and it rulez!

You really don’t need a burr grinder unless you’re making expresso a lot and need a very specific size grind.

What do you want to use it for? Like Astro said, unless it’s espresso, it may not be worth it. And how much are you willing to pay? Do you want the best or is just any budget unit OK?

I want it so I can buy the beans and just grind what I need. I now either buy preground which is no where as flavorful, or use the store grinder and risk that it will come out tainted as some jerk ground his vanilla beans in the non-flavored grinder.

When I do get a clean machine, the aroma and taste of the 1st few days are great, but then it looses flavor till the bag is done.

I will normally buy the 8 o’clock, BJ’s brand or dunkin donuts, usually Columbian supremo roast. and make it is a, well rather hard to explain, device that is somewhat simular to how a french press works.

I have a cheap burr grinder, and I find it produces too much dust. I like to use a french press, and that powder doesn’t get filtered out which makes the coffee taste bitter.

Bingo. My grinder’s a burr, and I use a French Press, for which the burr grinder is essential. However, I haven’t used the grinder in years because I got tired of the time, noise and mess. I should probably look into the relative cost of ground and bean coffee, though, and see if I’m spending way too much money on coffee…

I have a cheap Krupps, and it has worked fine for 8 years or so.

BTW, another use for a coffee grinder is to take cheap, American brand, pre ground coffee, and re-zap it in the grinder for just a few seconds. Suddenly you have aroma, a finer grind and therefore stronger coffee.