I want to hook up a dvd burner for my Tivo. Help!

I really don’t know where to begin and I’d like opinions from anyone who has done this. I want to buy a component piece, not run a digital line to my PC. Thanks.

You have a couple of options:

  1. Buy one of the new TiVo systems (not made by TiVo but Pioneer) that has a DVD burner as part of the system


  1. Get ahold of a Series 1 TiVo and do some google research on video extraction…or check out the forums at the link below. You should know that the TiVo company does NOT endorse this practice…which is why the Series 2 TiVos ENCRYPT their data streams so that they cant be copied.


I have a DVD recorder and a TiVo…is that what you mean? If it is – you just move the cables connecting your Tivo and VCR (assuming you’re taking advantage of Tivo’s “Save to VCR” capability) – use the same cables to plug into the input to the DVD recorder. Then when you tell Tivo to save to VCR, you press record on DVD record; voila. Tivo – > DVD.

And of course jsc1953 gave the answer you were looking for…I was thinking “video extraction” rather than what you wanted to do…which is generally called “archiving”.

You should know that the quality of the video gets watered down because you are converting it to Analog (at the “Save to VCR” port) and then back to digital (on your DVD burner)

(more about archiving vs extraction <a href=“http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=157756&highlight=extraction”>here</a>

Anyway, TiVo covers what you want at their web site also FWIW


Also FWIW, there is a good forum just for TiVo users

And then there is “Tivo To Go”


Thanks. I was in a hurry when I typed my post and I wasn’t really clear…Mainly, I’m looking for opinions on external DVD burners.

I didn’t know that about series 2 Tivos encrypting, BD. I’ll check out those links now. Thanks.

I knew the new tivo was coming out with dvd burner included, but My Tivo is a DirrcTV/Tivo combo and I also need my Tivo to be me reciever. Well, I don’t need it to, but for space sake, it’s nice. Also, with highdef Tivo’s just around the corner from being affordable, I can’t see dumping a lot of money on a non-highdef one.

The more I look at prices on the hardware I need, the more I think I am going to wait. Is it worth getting a external DVD burner that doesn’t have a Hard Drive? The Samsung model R4000 (no HD) seem to have some decent reviews and at around $400 is about the most I’d want to spend right now.