I want to look like Barbie!

Child sluts everywhere rejoice.
that is all.

Given a choice between Barbie or Christina Aguilera, I know which one I’d like my 14-year-old daughter to dress like…

I thought this thread was going to be about this woman.

Eh, I’m with Ethilrist; the clothes look like they’re silly and overpriced, but there’s worse stuff out there.

looks carefully at the OP

…Didjoo and I go to the same kindergarten?

If the clothes are cute, I won’t care about the brand. I like pink - I’m girly. I won’t go looking for the Barbie section, but as long as it doesn’t have Barbie written on it in sparkles, I have no problem with wearing it.


Eats_Crayons, I remember you…you were my husband in kindergarten. Our wedding cookies were glue covered crayons. Your mommy baked them. YUM!

I want you to look like barbie too :cool:

Huh, I actually like the clothes in the photo. They’ve got a neat, mid-sxities, Down with Love sort of feel. I’d buy the black and pink houndstooth coat…

Strange… I don’t remember being butch until the third grade (as a result of an unfortunate ahircut).

Hehe, maybe I’m thinking of someone else. Now that I think of it, my husband’s nickname was EatsLegos. His mommy made the best glue frosted Lego cake I have ever tasted!

Hmmm, well maybe if the had “Solo in the Spotlight” available.

Ha! I think I have that one somewhere! Somwhere in my storage unit is a box of very old, well-played with Barbie clothes!