Barbie Girl?

Girls…and guys, I guess,…

Were you really into Barbie dolls as a child?

As older people are you…

A. Traumitized for life and an extremely bitter shut in?
B. A bit perplexed by Barbie’s gargantuan anatomical features, but basically undaunted in your daily pursuit of happiness?
C. Nauseated by pink and any pastel?
D. Unable to read this, having been blinded by accidentally sticking Barbie’s huge boobies in your face? (A la the Simpsons…)
E. Wondering why a company would give that poor, hapless doll that particular name?

Just wondering. People say that it leads to so many problems in the self-esteem of young girls, but me, I lean towards letter B. And I only have one pink item of clothing, perhaps it did leave an impact.

What do the rest of you think?

I’ll admit it…I was traumatized when my older sister gave my Magic Curl Barbie a “crop” haircut. I don’t own anything pink now though. Most of my Barbie’s clothes were hand-me0downs from my cousin, so my doll had a cool little Beatles yellow sweatshirt. I wish my Mom hadn’t given that away, just imagine what it would sell for eBay!

I wasn’t perplexed by the dolls gargantuan features, just VERY puzzled by the sexless bulge on the Ken doll.

I used to love playing with Barbies. I had many of them, and occasionally cut their hair, and put “lipstick” on them.

I was not overly confused by their features, but I did wonder why Ken wore jockeys while Barbie had nothing.

Are you kidding?? Sisapple and I learned our sex-ed from playing x-rated Barbies. Barbie did all the Ken dolls. :smiley:

I did use to hate pink though. I don’t mind light pink and fuschia now, but I still don’t particularly like “barbie pink.”

Ooh-la-la, so Barbie did have a point. You know, I’m almost positive I never did this. I only had one Ken, anyway, and he had only one outfit. And eventually I think he got broken.

I guess that my answer would be “E”, although I also don’t particularily care for “Barbie pink”–you know, the color of the Barbie box. Sure, Barbie’s got big boobs, but so does my mother, and, now, so do my sister and myself, so I guess I didn’t have any reason to think that she was unusual :). The only thing I thought was unusual about Barbie was the way her feet were specially molded for wearing high heels.

My kid has Barbies now, and I know why she’s so skinny–it’s so you can put the @*&% clothes on. It’s tough for a kid to put Barbie clothes on, especially the pants. Imagine if Barbie were built like a so-called “real woman”, with thighs touching together, a big plastic butt you have to cram the pants over, and a big plastic “tummy” you have to get the pants around. No fun. My kid has a particular pair of Barbie leggings that makes me wish that Barbie’s legs were even skinnier! Even I have trouble with those. At least real human anatomy has a bit of “give” to it.

Also, Ken didn’t have molded “underwear” when I was a kid. What’s up with that?

Check out the lyrics for Little Skipper by Mel Cooleys. It’ll be hard to find a recording of, though, I’ve never even seen it on Napster.

I know. I remember how it traumitized me, dragging on those pants. It was hard with the Barbies that had rubberey legs, I liked the smooth legged ones better. :stuck_out_tongue:

I STILL collect Barbies and dolls like that! I love them!

I’m a Barbie girl…
What I remember was the “We girls, can do anything-like Barbie!” CHeesy, hell yes. BUT…think about it-Barbie was cool. She wasn’t married-Ken was nothing more than an accessory. She could be a doctor, a lawyer, an exec, etc etc.

But of course, MY Barbies were hookers, lesbians, drug addicts, had eating disorders, attempted suicide, were kidnapped, raped, beaten, cheated on their boyfriends, backstabbed each other.
(My cousin and I would watch soap operas with my mom. No wonder our Barbies were so disfunctional)

Okay just for your recovering Barbiophiles, check out this site and go here.

wanders off humming about a blonde bimbo girl in a fantasy world

C and E, I can’t stand pink, I hated it, despised it, couldn’t bear to look at it for most of my childhood. Right now I’ll do pastel pink but no other shade. Also, considering that I have my own goofy name I can sympathize with barbie, poor thing.


Here’s my favorite, Barbie Alphabet Soup