I want to make my own wall sconce

I want to make this for a friend of mine as a christmas gift. We have a logo, that I’m having cut out of a sheet of aluminum using a waterjet cutter. I’d like to use this as a base for creating a lighted wall sconce. My idea:

  1. Get a sheet of red colored vinyl and slip that under the aluminum as it’s being cut.
  2. After the cutting, affix the vinyl to the back of the aluminum logo.
  3. Attach the light socket and mount to the back of the logo assembly.

The effect I’m going for is to have the red translucent vinyl create a halo effect around the thickness of the logo, once it is installed and lit.

As usual, my creativity surpasses my know-how. So my questions are:

  1. Where would a guy like me find a sheet of translucent vinyl roughly 18" x 10"?
  2. how do I affix the vinyl to the aluminum? Some sort of epoxy?
  3. Where can I find the parts necessary to create the lighting fixture? The cheaper the better, but I AM looking for something that will last.

I may very well be in over my head… Is this a way more ambitious project than I think it is… or is it a simple matter of tracking down the materials and putting them together?

Thanks anyone for your help, and Mods please move this if this isn’t the right forum.

Also, here’s a graphic of the LOGO if it will help clarify.

  1. Look in the yellow pages under Plastics, although number 3 might have what you need.
  2. Spray adhesive. Hardware store.
  3. Every hardware store or home improvement superstore has what you need. Tell 'em what you envision, and they’ll show you how to do it.

Thanks, AskNott . Your succinct answers are going a long way toward alleviating my apprehension.