I want to punch a nun

But there don’t seem to be any around, so I’ll have to resort to headbutting a wall.

I know exactly how you feel.
Wait… no… I have no idea how you feel, what you’re talking about or what’s annoyed you enough to want to punch a nun.

Sorry, I get those confused sometimes.

Problems at parochial school again, Priceguy?

I don’t know what is bothering you, but after my years in parochial school I’m all in favor of nun punching.

I’ve seen some nuns I’d like to hit.

I’ve heard they can fly, so you might need a slingshot.

I went to a Catholic high school, and there was definitely one nun in particular I wanted to punch. She happened to be the principal, and after meeting her, my dad wanted to punch her too, so there you go. The rest were surprisingly cool, especially the 100 year old one who chain smoked and ran the library. Sister Ro. Coolest nun ever.

No, she wasn’t 100- she was only 45. Smoking makes you look way older.

OK, maybe she was 65. 45 she wasn’t, for sure.

Dude no! If you actually touch a nun your hand will immediately catch on fire and melt off. Your whole arm might even melt. Nun punching is dangerous. It should only be done by professionals.

Are you 7? Do you live in Australia? You could go to the zoo and punch some penguins.

This isn’t quite an OP so much as a “random thought with no explanation”, so I’m going to punch it closed.