I want to sue A T & T

Enough is Enough!
These telemarketers are driving me crazy!
I know my rights, and according to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 you can sue a company if they keep calling you after you tell them to place your name on the Do Not Call List. Well, I’ve told AT&T again and again not to call me anymore but they still keep calling. I’m ready to fight back! How do I initiate a lawsuit against this monster? Do I need a lawyer? Has anyone on the SDMBs filed a sucessful lawsuit against them? Will it cost me to challenge this behemoth?

Junkbusters has some good information on this topic.

Good luck.

Also check www.troubleshooter.com

Just to add a note - if ATT or any company affiliated w/ ATT has some relationship w/ you then ATT can call you even if you say to be put on the NCL