I want to try Chipotle again - what to order?

Inspired by the other Chipotle thread.

I’ve tried Chipotle a grand total of one time. My wife and I went to one, ordered our food, and sat down. We each took a bite, looked at each other, got up, tossed out the food and left. It was the only time we’ve ever done that.

Unfortunately, it was six years ago, and I don’t remember what I ordered. However, there is now a Chipotles near my workplace, and I want to at least try them again. I despise cilantro, so I bet there was lots of it in my one order.

What can a cilantro hater order at Chipotles?

Well, you’d better avoid anything with rice in it, since Chipotle prepares their rice with cilantro.

I’m pretty sure the tacos and soft tacos don’t contain rice, and you could probably ask for a burrito without rice. They also have salads.

Personally, I like the soft tacos. Corn tortilla, carnitas, a few pinto beans, fajita vegetables, and corn salsa. Seeing as you don’t like cilantro, though, skip the corn salsa.

That works pretty well for me, as I don’t mind cilantro, but can’t abide much cumin. I don’t want cilantro to be the only flavor, though, so I pick my other choices based onw hich ones have neither cilantro or cumin.

I wouldn’t get a burrito without the rice- the tortilla is so big, that without the rice, it would be way too much tortilla to meat. I, personally, like the crispy tacos with carnitas (pork). The green salsa, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. Very good. But you have to eat them quickly or they get soggy.

Honestly? If you hate cilantro, Chipotle is probably not for you.

I typically go with a friend of mine who loathes cilantro, also. I always get the naked burrito (in a bowl) and have them add whatever ingredients look good. Just ask the person behind the counter to leave out anything with cilantro and you should be fine. I’ve always thought their food was okay and definitely a step up from “The Bell”.

This may be true, but a lot of local lunch places have closed lately. If I could find even one menu option at Chipotle, that would be a big help.

They use a lot of cumin? I’m completely unfamiliar with that spice, believe it or not. Which Chipotle items contain that - all of them?

Chipotle isn’t near work, so I don’t eat there very often. But given the number of people that have a strong aversion to cilantro, I wouldn’t be suprised if they keep a batch of non-cilantroed rice somewhere - make sure to inquire.

Here’s what I get:

Pork burrito, black beans, fajita veggies, hot salsa, cheese and lettuce.

I think their pork is really done well, compared to Qdoba and Moe’s. Fajita veggies are just awesome, if you like grilled bell peppers and onions.

You’re familiar with it, trust me. It’s in every packet of taco seasoning ever made. One whiff of it, and you’ll recognize it immediately.

It’s common in Mexican and (IIRC) Indian and various Middle-Eastern food.

The black beans have it. The pintos don’t. The barbacoa definitely has it, the carnitas definitely doesn’t. The chicken and steak probably do.

All of the salsas except for the hottest (red) have cilantro, as does the rice. I could not swear to you that the pinto beans don’t have it, but I’m pretty sure they don’t.

If you steer clear of the salsas and the rice, you should be safe from cilantro. I’d advise going with the tacos. Carnitas and pinto beans, rice or fajita vegetables, and lettuce. If you’re generally okay with Mexican food, then the other meats would probably work just as well.


That’s what melds all the flavors.

Authentic Mexican food without fresh cilantro…is like Chinese food without soy sauce or Chicken curry, without the curry or BBQ without the grill part.


Their fajita veggies are delicious-- much better than the beans, imho.

As a fellow cilantro hater I think this is on the money.

I love mexican food but there is just not enough on the menu that’s cilantro free to make it worth a trip.

Bah I didn’t read to the end of the thread. Sorry please ignore as no longer relevant.

Did you know that to some people, cilantro tastes foul beyond all belief, as if someone just poured a cup of soap on their food? It’s not just “bad” its vile and overwhelming, and has nothing to do with being a picky eater or supertasting. There’s seemingly a genetic component. Look it up if you like.

See if they have brown rice (which is often made without cilantro). Otherwise you’ll have to go without rice. Might also have to avoid some of the salsas.

If you don’t like cilantro, just ask them which ingredients have them! It’s their job to help you.

I recommend chicken, peppers and onions, beans, cheese, and whatever salsas you like.

For meat I go for half carnitas, half barbacoa; and the pinto beans are stewed with bacon, so extra flavor there.

My husband is a cilantro=dishsoap person. And I love Chipolte. So I head off and I’m going to get him something with no rice…and I say “no rice because my husband hates cilantro” and he looks at me and says “how about we use the rice with no cilantro in it.” YES! They have rice without cilantro in it for the cilantro haters (the rice, whether you believe it belongs there or not, is for me the best part of the deal).

My order is a bowl, white rice (with cilantro), chicken, no beans or fajita stuff, corn, tomatoes (and those may have a little cilantro in it, so if you don’t like cilantro, ask), cheese and lettuce.

My husband liked his cilantro-less burrito - he wouldn’t eat it all the time, but he’ll eat it once in a while with me.

I knew someone was gonna chime in about that, I should have made and addendum to my post…

“To me”, if it doesn’t have fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice and freshly minced jalapeno, It might as well be Taco Bell or Swansons’ magic Mexican frozen dinners. :rolleyes:

Nothing meant against other peoples tastes or allergies…but.

The difference of flavor from one to the other, It isn’t the same thing, if taste tested side by side.

There’s no problem with having a cilantro aversion, but Chipotle (and most Mexican food) is probably not a place those people would enjoy. It’s like a vegetarian wanting to go to a steakhouse.

I actually go to Chiptole all the time. I don’t eat their gross cilantro rice, or revolting cilantro-corn “salsa”, a)because I don’t eat cilantro b)because I don’t need all that starch, so… really its a win-win. You can have a perfectly delicious cilantro-free meal there, to wit: lettuce, carnitas, fajita veggies, black beans, a little sour cream, in a bowl. With several squeezes of lime all over everything.

Saying you have to eat cilantro to enjoy Mexican view, is an oddly provincial way of seeing Mexican food. It’s a big country. Just last night I got a delicious quesadilla from a mexican food cart run by some actual Mexicans and there was no cilantro pouring its hideous soap taste all over everything. I didn’t have to tell them not to add anything - I get it the way it comes: lettuce, meat (pork in spicy sauce), and queso fresco. I guess I should let them know they’re serving Swanson’s frozen dinners.

Why would you feel compelled to try again? If it was distasteful enough that you took a single bite of their food and then threw it away, that’s pretty extreme. I sure wouldn’t go back to such a place.