I want to use another server for my media files, how would I do that?

So I want to set-up an account with another webspace provider to use as a place to store my media files. How would I do that? Would it need its own domain name?

I ask because when I tried to make an account at the websever place, it asked whether the “Domain Registration” was going to be “new” or a “transfer”?

I presume that either way, the media file server domain would not be able to be the same as my website’s, right?

Well, it depends. You have several options:

[li]The simplest way would be to go with a webspace provider that gives you another domain name. Yes, your media files will be located on a different server, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Just use links like http://www.myotherserver.com/mymedia.mp3.[/li][li]You can try to find a webhost that gives you a static IP address. That’ll let you access your server by typing in a series of numbers like instead of a regular domain name. Domain names make it easier for people to access webpages, but they are not absolutely required.[/li]
However, it’s usually cheaper to just get another domain name. Static IPs can be expensive.

I can explain this in more detail if you’d like, but there’s really no good reason to go this route.
[li]Why do you even want them on two seperate accounts? Can’t you just buy one bigger account and have your pages and the media on the same server?[/li][/ol]

Thanks for responding. I thought this topic would never see the light of day again, haha.

Anyways, the reason I can’t just use one server is because I’m stuck with the one I’m currently on for one year. While they offer a lot of bandwidth, I wouldn’t mind a bit more, hence my questions.

Ah ok :slight_smile: It’d probably be easiest to just sign up for another package then. Some hosts offer domains for free anyway.