Recommend a web host.

I am building a couple of webpages which will be the first two I will actually put on the internet. I would like some recommendations for good web hosts. I don’t expect the sites will get lots of bandwidth, but it won’t hurt to have a good chunk incase things take off. I will want two distinct addresses to begin with and maybe more later and I will want to own the domain names.

Does anyone have any recommendations. The ones I am looking at are Simplehost, SmartLogic, Site5 and Emax.

Any information or anecdotes would be greatly appreciated

We’ve been using They’ve been fine for us, and when the started up in North America, they had a “free for the first three years” offer, so it has been great for us.

They are now the biggest in the world, I think.

i’m currenty also using for several sites. i have had no complaints about their service or reliability. my one complaint is that i have no control of nameserver direction of domains purchased through them - if i wanted to host one of those domains elsewhere (say, on my home pc) i cannot (although i -can- setup a cloak to my home IP as a workaround).

I use a company called Apollo Hosting (

It’s a tad pricey, but here’s my plan.

$19.99 a month gets…

1.5 gig of file space on their server
70 gigs of transfer
I can host 4 domains and pool my file space (this is a big reason I use them)
New domains cost $15
24/7 help (another big plus)

I’ve seen similar stuff at cheaper prices, but they’ve taken good care of me over the years, so they get my business.