I want true push email to my PPC

But I can not grasp the hardware requirements.

My current gear:

HTC PPC 6800 running Windows Mobile 5.0 with Messaging and Security Feature Pack

ActiveSync Software

Owned domain name (not currently active or hosted)

Checkbook, pen

I want incoming emails to MyName@mydomain.com to go straight to my phone. What am I missing?

not sure what you are asking? the way it works is your email goes to the exchange server. the exchange server has an option for winmob access. this may be switched on already

on you htc, you need to configure your provider (located in settings -> connections tab -> connections). make sure it is gprs for data (unless you are cdma)

in WM5, there is a comm manager function (located in settings -> connections). you can set for ‘push’ or ‘pull’. you also have to enter in info like server address and password.

so 3 things need to be set

  1. server (normally it does this)
  2. provider
  3. device

Here’s an example of the hardware/software architecture required to support “true” push:


If you plan to use it for personal or small business use, instead of purchasing all the required software/hardware components, I’d recommend getting a hosted account:


With a hosted account, a 3rd party takes care of all the software/hardware requirements and you pay a monthly fee for the service and receive true push based email on your device. Click on the 3rd party vendor links for pricing information.

See a demo of the software here:


Other vendors of push based email software for handheld devices include:



Get an account from http://live.mail2web.com/. You will be able to sync your contacts, calendar, mail, and to-dos over the air through a hosted Exchange account. If you use Outlook you can sync with mail2web directly and you won’t need ActiveSync any more.

I’ve looked at mail2web previously, although not in-depth. My understanding is I will have an email address of MyName@mail2web.com instead of MyName@MyDomain.com. Is that correct?

Thanks for the info so far.