I was assaulted at work over vaccines/masks

We should take it back. Like aloha shirts. #liberalaloha

…so I was just at the supermarket.

While I was getting out of my car, I noticed a woman angrily scraping a sticker off a pole. But she didn’t see a couple of stickers on the other side of the pole so I went to have a look. There were two of them: one an anti-vax sticker and one was an anti-masking sticker: both with the “white rose” hashtag, etc.

So I angrily pulled those stickers off as well.

Then I came home and read this. I’m sorry you had to go through this @Irishman :frowning: These dangerous weirdos are everywhere.

Bank manager gets assaulted, called the s- word (epithet for Latinos).

Bank Manager Beaten After Work by Client Angry About Request to Wear Mask: ‘He Laid in Wait’ (msn.com)

It seems like there’s a definite correlation between violent anti-masking and anti-vaccination activism and white nationalism.

Are you sure it was a White Rose, and it wasn’t a White Camellia? Used by an early version of the Klan.

I’m not the OP, so I don’t have the answer to that question.

Where I am, there is a definite correlation between the far right wing white nationalist “peoples Party of Canada” and anti-vaxxer/conspiracy theory nut-bags. They’re the ones who think it’s a great idea to block hospitals and spit on nurses.

How do they refuse socialised medicine?

In a way, it makes sense.

Extremists want to move beyond the margins. They need legitimacy. Not that they’re seeking legitimacy from the broader population but from white conservatives and moderates. They want to expand their membership, and identifying with a group of people who, like them, are politically marginalized aids their cause.

But the other part of this equation is that these marginalized groups want to attack and undermine institutions, because it’s institutional power that prevents them from doing the kind of damage they want to do.

They don’t. They’re first in line to get treatment, and often bitch about those “undeserving” people who might get treatment ahead of them.

They’re happy to take from society. They just have a problem with the “responsibility” part.

I’m a simple person. I prefer to just assume they are assholes.

I was in the hospital when one of these protests was going on. My nurse for the day was a recent immigrant to Canada, and didn’t understand what the protest was about. When I explained the anti-vax thing to her, her response was an incredulous, “Are they stupid?!?

My response was, yes, they actually are quite stupid. I’ll take one of her over all the plague rats, no question.

raventhief’s link discusses how the White Rose identity has been coopted by the white supremecists. That sounds like the group - the White Rose channel and QR code were there on the one I pulled off the restroom wall.

Yes, you are correct.

And to a degree, I can see the police position is awkward. Either way, they are the jerk. Enforce the expulsion, they’re criticised for enforcing mask mandates. Don’t enforce the expulsion, they are criticized for not protecting the store owner’s/employees’ rights. Thus the “just let them finish their business quickly” approach.

But again, my response is “They have finished their business. They are not welcome and have been told to leave. They are trespassing.”

I dug into the White Rose Telegram thing from the article I posted. Well, ok, I did a google search and looked at the most interesting link. Will share, but spoilered because it’s a hate group.

I am not promoting this group. I am linking for sourcing my quotes.

Such as

Our name is an homage to the WW2-era underground resistance group—active within Nazi Germany—who at great personal peril published and distributed a series of leaflets calling for active opposition to the Nazi regime. The courage, wisdom and ultimate sacrifice of Sophie and Hans Scholl, and all of their brave student allies, continues to inform and inspire us nearly 80 years later.

See, they are intentionally casting themselves as the oppressed victims of the unrelenting State. They are stealing the mantle of the victims of the Holocaust as a deliberate ploy to play the victim and garner sympathy, and thus support for their cause.



  • Natural law , according to which all people—by virtue of being born—are endowed with inalienable ‘natural rights’, conferred not by act of legislation (as with ‘legal rights’) but by “God, nature, or reason.”

  • Individual sovereignty/self-ownership - the natural right of every person to be the exclusive controller of one’s own body and life.

  • Bodily autonomy - the natural right of all human beings to self-determination over their own bodies.

  • Freedom of movement.

  • Freedom of assembly.

  • Freedom of speech.

  • The non-aggression principle , which asserts that no violence may be employed against a non-aggressor, in accordance with natural law.

  • Non-violent civil disobedience.

  • The Nuremberg Code.

Sounds like a reasonable protest group. Except they have a core membership of White Supremacists, and the non-violent thing was not upheld by this guy.

Understand, non-violent civil disobedience covers putting up leaflets (graffiti) and even trespassing, but not touching my person or taking my badge from me. Grabbing the badge is assault, and non-compliance with being grabbed for taking property (i.e. theft) is not civil disobedience, and is not self defense. It is violent aggression to slam into someone - justified if they are the one violating your space and autonomy, but not when you are the one provoking response. If I had tried to hit him, he might be justified in defending, but all I did was grab his wrist, and all he had to do to get free was turn over the badge.

One other quote from the link:

We do not condone, and moreover, we condemn racism of any kind. We believe that all individuals should be judged solely on the content of their character, not on any immutable genetic characteristics, or the actions of other members of any group to which he or she may belong.

Apparently this guy didn’t get the message. They claim to be against racism, but their “membership” is largely white supremacists and haters like this guy.

That’s okay, they can easily disavow him as,

We are decentralized and amorphous. We have no centralized leadership, membership list or hierarchical chain of command. Each White Rose participant is an independent free agent, entirely responsible for his or her own actions. We do not exist as any kind of tangible organization, but rather as an idea; a concept; a methodology.

Convenient. To paraphrase: “We are a collective group organized to distribute “information”, but we are not an organization and do not bear any responsibiliy for the actions of anyone acting in our name.”

Anyway, I’ve already invested too much time in this group.