I was blind, now I see, but my gut doesn't trust.

Some months ago my vision got so bad that I couldn’t read, drive, or even cross the street safely under some conditions. I had rapid-growing cataracts that grew from nothing to debilitating in about 6 months.

Back in April and May I had surgeries on both eyes, and my eyesight is better than it’s been since I was a young child. I can now drive without glasses, which I’ve never been able to do before.

But… my brain really isn’t buying into this. I can’t cross a street without checking, re-checking and checking again for traffic, whereas a year ago I would cross with a glance. My brain doesn’t believe what I don’t see.

Even stranger, I get upset and uncertain making right turns at intersections, because I’m unable to see the curb to my right. Of course, I could NEVER see the curb to my right, as the bodywork of my car cut off my view at that low an angle. But now my brain has decided that somehow I don’t have enough information to make the turn without jumping the curb or something.

So instead of doing these things casually and automatically, I have to stop and think. I suppose it’s safer in any case, but it’s sure something out of the blue.

Hopefully it won’t last.

I’m not an expert Boyo, but I’m betting it won’t last. Eventually the brain will adapt to being able to see again.

Congratulations on seeing again! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the hijack but I wanna pick your brain for a while…

I was diagnosed last Thursday with the same speedy kind of cataract in my right eye. A month ago I was fine. By last week, with my normal eyeglasses, I was 20/20 in my left eye and 20/100 in my right. Ack! So I’m looking at surgery in three to six months. (I’m 16 days away from my 40th birthday. Happy Birthday to Me! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Did your doctor give you a reason this happened? And what was the surgery like? And the recovery?

No reason. I had none of the indicators – no previous eye injury, no family history. I’m 48.

I did some threads about it:

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I had 3 surgeries, because the lens popped out of place after the second surgery – there was no pain involved, just a sudden blurring.

Generally speaking they went very well, and my eyesight was better than before the cataracts. I started out extremely nearsighted – about 20/300 – and they corrected for that with the lens inserts, so now my vision is about 20/30.

If you want to browse through any of these and come back with other questions, I will do my best to answer.

Maybe you’re just a better driver now?

Thanks for the links! I can’t check the boards from work any more so I tend to miss out on what’s going on. I’m only slightly freaked out now, thanks to your threads. :smiley:

I’m glad you’ve come through all the surgeries so well. Here’s hoping you get used to driving again soon!