I was double-billed for my subscription . . .

I post this thread only as a way to build a list of those who might have had something similar happen.

I renewed the other day (9th of May) to kick out my subscription another year, and accidentally got double billed. I have two charges from “CHICAGORDR” for $7.95 on my card, but unfortunately, my subscription is only listed as going to ‘05-10-2009’.

Anyone else? I figure it’s just a glitch in el systemo.

Mods, can you kick this one upstairs? I don’t need one charged reversed–if its easier, just kick my subscription further out a year to 2010.

Much obliged.

Okay, here’s what you need to do:

Please send Jerry Davis an email with your charges and he’ll reverse one of them.


Done Tuba . . . with a CC to you as well. Thanks!

Man, I wish most things were that easy.