I was expecting to see frostbite today

Or maybe some patients with hypothermia. Since there are always a few people who ignore the safety warnings or don’t have anyplace warm to stay. Instead I got burns. So if you’re going to try that trick where you throw boiling water into the air to make snow, make sure you know which way the wind is blowing. Ok?

Just a little advice from your friendly neighborhood ER doc.

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So, which way IS the wind blowing? Don’t leave us dangling - we’ll get frostbite on our dangler!

Can you tell the difference between this and this? If so, the wind is southerly.

Baby, it’s scald outside.

It’s Skald outside? Well, let him in; he’ll freeze out there!

OK, now you’re just confusing me. There is no difference between “this” and “this” except their relative position on the screen. I clicked the links, thinking there must be a difference to be found but, alas, there was none. Both links display an image on my computer screen.

It feels nice when the wind whips through my ears, unimpeded.

Apparently your hamlet is too small to support both a bird sanctuary and a hardware store.

if you wet your bare palm and hold it in the wind and rotate it then the direction that feels coldest is the direction the wind is coming from. have your back and any people on that side of the water before throwing it.

caution: avoiding burns can lead to frostbite.