I was gonna put a clever title here, but then I got high

I was gonna put this in The Pit, but then I got high
The thread was gonna be a big hit, but then I got high
And now I’m in MPSSMIPSMMSP…and I know why!

(For those of you watching at home: linkey)

I was gonna post something witty…


I forgot what…

The videoclip to that song was my introduction to Jay and Silent Bob. Have you seen it?

I was gonna get into that clip but then I got high
Jay and Bob seemed like they’re really hip but then I got high
So now I’m jammin to Andy Williams, and I know why!

You’ve got too much time on your hands, that’s why you get high.
Living with that soul crushing witch, is another reason why.
But if you don’t knock it off soon, the cops will come by.

And then you’ll be dry, they’ll make you go dry, then you’ll be dry…


Have we got any munchies around here? rifles through cabinet

Tried this recently. Died.

Yeah, I saw it then.

I was gonna add to that thread before I got high
I made a really clever verse for that thread before I got high
But I passed out and it sank like lead and I know why…

Dobby wants to try…

Dude, you are totally bogarting the Cheez-Its again.