I was handed a Chick Tract yesterday!

I was walking downtown and a woman snuck up behind me and jetted out her right hand. In it was a copy of Sin City (one of my very most favourite Chick Tract).

I was all over it “WOW! COOL! SIN CITY! Thank you!”

Then I noticed in her left hand was half the Chick Track Library.

“I love Chick Tracts. Can I have another one?”

“Of course, which one would you like?”

“Ummm??” as I wiggle my fingers over them like a kid in a candy store “Which is the most offensive?”


Just then the guy with her hands me Who Cares? which pictures a plane flying into the Twin Towers.

“Oh neat! I bet this is quite offensive to Islam yeah?” (Which, it is.)

“No, it just explains the truth behind Islam”

“Heh heh. Yeah, right.” I said “Thanks”

“Enjoy them and God Bless you”

That made my day. I haven’t seen a printed Chick Tract for years. I think I’ll start collecting these.

Man, that Bob guy can sure sell. He converted Omar in 42 panels! I bet he can close a deal on a car in no time, and not even have to throw in a CD player!

And he does it all with a cheesy thin mustache too!

Bob. A hero for a crazy, closed minded christian world. :dubious:

Sometimes people give them to me at the hardware store i work at when i’m doing cash register. I take them and say “anythign else you want me to throw out?”

At the risk of sounding completely ignorant, can someone please tell me what the hell a “Chick tract” is?

Jack Chick is a guy who, for decades, has published little evangelical tracts. Done in cartoon format, they are simplistic morality tales, about how sinners are in danger of the fire and brimstone of Hell. Chick hates Catholics, they often figure as villains in his tracts. Someone will be along with his website.

This guy claims to have them by the hundreds for all your collecting needs. He calls them “Little comic books with good news.” Good news if you’re as warped as Jack Chick, I guess.

SHAKES, here’s the Chick website,

Try doing an SDMB search using “Chick” AND “tract”. Heh, heh, there’s been a lot said about them!

Not only does are they villians, the Pope is the antichrist, or at least works for him.

Don’t you mean, HAW HAW HAW? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like how the minister says, “Hi, I’m Reverend Ray and I’m GAY!!!”

Bob is looking more and more Hitleresque as time goes on.

Actually, in Chick tracts, most Catholics are deluded victims, it’s the Pope & the Jesuits who are the real villians. A recent Chicklet portrayed JP II as the False Prophet & Jesuit-General Peter Hans Kolvenbach as the Beast (the first time Chick has ever shown actual persons filling those roles- tho they are pictured but not named).

I think Omar would’ve been a lot better off if Bob had been a real New Yorker and just kept driving by the crime scene.

Cause you see, real Christians don’t hate you, they just want to tell you that your entire religion is a lie and you’ll go to hell unless you convert. Allah doesn’t love you, Omar!

He he- I would have said “Aaarggghh. My hand! It’s burning!” and ran off.

:eek: Won’t Damien be surprised!?

Only time I’ve seen them in NYC was at a Korean deli in midtown. They had ‘Titanic’ on the counter. I don’t think the lady behind the counter understood what I was doing, but I put down the sandwich and soda I had purchased right in front of her, pointed to the brochures, turned on my heel, and walked out. Never went back in again. <we need a Catholic smiley, maybe somebody snapping a mackeral? Giving up meat on Fridays during Lent?>

First time I ever saw them was at a souvenir stand in Strasburg, PA, run by a sweet-looking, smiling, bonneted Mennonite grandmother. My shocked Mom read a few and pointed out to the lady how mean she thought they were, and all the lady said was “Some people just can’t handle the truth”. She (Mom) took home ‘The Death Cookie’ and showed it to our friend who was staying with us–an RC priest. :eek:

So, they’re not that common in every part of the country, no matter what Chick wants. Guess we’re too heathen 'round here.

Whoops–I had NOT yet paid for the sandwich and soda in the deli, which is why I was walking up to the counter.

Hmmm, maybe a nun or a pope?

I’ve never seen a Chick tract in the wild. I’ve seen religious tracts left in the bathrooms when I worked at KrapMart (Littering for the Lord!), but they were just nicey-nice ones that talked about Jesus and had the Our Father on them. Nothing exciting like Doom Town or Big Daddy.

I have not yet come across any Chick Tracts, and with some luck, I hope that never changes. I don’t know if he’s quite Fred Phelps, but Jack Chick isn’t far off.

Here is a fun site with Jack Chick parodies:


“Why would I need to sacrifice Myself to Myself to allow Me to change a rule I made Myself?”

Way back in the early 80’swhen I was a lil’ devil the son of a preacherman gave me one of these things, I don’t know if it was a chick track exactly, but it was like a mini comic book with a message about how I was going to burn in hell if I didn’t accept Jesus. I forget the storyline exactly but it was geared towards kids. I was offended even at that age and maybe just a little scared that I was going to hell. AAh well, didn’t convert me or anything, just made me wary of Christians and very cynical. Tell ya one thing, It certainly didn’t make feel loved, I just wondered why he would give me something with a message that was so mean and scary if God was so good and all.

You mean Darth Nader’s son? Is Damien a safe name for my son?

About a month ago we got an envelope in the mail that was addressed to our business. There was no return address and the post mark was from the Carolinas. The only thing in the envelope was the Man in Black tract. I’d link to it, but the Chick publications site is refusing connections right now…